Video of the Cybook Odyssey in Action

Cybook Odyssey

Below is a video of Bookeen’s new Cybook Odyssey ebook reader that just went up for pre-order last week in Europe.

The Cybook Odyssey is the first ereader to use what Bookeen calls HSIS, or high speed ink system technology. That’s fancy talk for fast.

I don’t know… It doesn’t really look that fast to me. The Sony PRS-T1’s web browser scrolls just as quick, and judging from the time it takes ebooks to load and selections to react, the Nook Touch looks like its title as the world’s fastest ereader is safe. What do you think?

Cybook Odyssey Revealed


4 Responses to “Video of the Cybook Odyssey in Action”

  1. It really does not look fast enough to justify the term HSIS!

  2. I will need to see more. I am most interested in the scrolling aspect for web browsing. The image did not flow with the finger. There was some lag but it didn’t seem to flash as much as I have seen on the Sony PRS-T1.

    Pinch to zoom was also laggy and didn’t react at all when they were pinching to make smaller beginning at 1:33 on the video. Touch gestures were very measured.

    I will take a wait and see on this reader.

  3. I watched the video a few more times and noticed that some finger gestures were repeated because the reader did not react. Your video web browser review of the Sony didn’t seem to have that problem.

  4. Bookeen has just released these videos
    They really show a lot more speed than the video you have here. Perhaps even worthy of the name HSIS!