Rooting Package for Sony Reader PRS-T2 Now Available

Rooted Sony PRS-T2

A couple of weeks ago I penned an article about how it didn’t look like the Sony PRS-T2 would get hacked to run Android apps anytime soon. Luckily, a lot can change in two weeks.

The savvy developers, especially Boroda, over at MobileRead and The eBook have successfully managed to unlock the Sony PRS-T2 and get it rooted.

There’s even a rooting package available now that makes hacking the PRS-T2 to turn it into an ultimate ereading machine and quasi Android tablet as easy as downloading two files and clicking an install file a couple of times.

The rooting package is the same as the one for the PRS-T1, and includes the Zeam launcher for an alternate homescreen and there are some additional ereading apps pre-installed too.

Unfortunately my computer is not cooperating this morning so I haven’t been able to test this out myself. For some reason it refuses to properly recognize the PRS-T2, and installing Sony’s software and uninstalling and re-installing drivers doesn’t help. This is one of the reasons why I hate having to use USB cables so much.

Anyway, here’s the link to the translated rooting directions and here are the original directions in Russian.

First you have to jailbreak the Reader and then you can install the rooting package for some apps. You are going to need a microSD card for jailbreaking, and the PRS-T2 needs to have the latest firmware installed (

11 Responses to “Rooting Package for Sony Reader PRS-T2 Now Available”

  1. I bought a Sony PRS-950 on eBay over the summer and it also refused to be recognized by my MacBook Pro. The computer didn’t recognize that it was plugged in, and neither did Calibre. Very frustrating. I scoured the forums in hops of finding a solution, but no one could help, not even Sony customer support. It showed up on my wife’s PC, but not the Mac.

    • Ingo Lembcke, Hamburg October 10, 2012 at 2:38 pm

      Try connecting the PRS-950 to the MacBook Pro and plug the Power-Adapter in, if the PRS-950 has one.
      Another solution might be to disconnect everything else, meaning other USB/Firewire-Devices.
      If you are using an USB-Hub, connect the Power-Adapter for the Hub, or unplug the Hub altogether.
      Or use a split-USB-Kable with 2 connections to the PowerBook (these are sometimes delivered with small Harddisks).

      My guess is, that the PC delivers more Power to USB.
      Being a Mac user myself, but owning a Mac mini, this happens quite often.

      The same might be true with the Sony PRS-T2 mentioned above, but that could also be a device-driver-problem.

      • Danke schön Ingo, but I already resold it on eBay. I will keep that in mind for the future, but at Sony’s current rate, I doubt I will be buying another one of their eReaders any time soon 😉

  2. Hello, I have a PRST2 in english and french and i need to put it in Spanish.
    Is it possible?

  3. Hello Nathan,
    Is a 2Gb MicroCard enough to jaibraking ?

    • 2GB is usually enough for this sort of thing but this post is over a year old and I never rooted my PRS-T2. I know Sony actively tries to close holes so it might not even be possible anymore. Make sure to thoroughly read the original referenced threads in the article.

  4. I’m planning to buy a Sony PRS-T3. Do you have any idea if that version will be rootable?

    • I kind of doubt it. For some reason Sony actively tries to close the holes that allow rooting. They’ve made it difficult with the PRS-T2, so I don’t know if there’s going to be much interest in the T3 since they continually make is such a pain.

  5. Do you know if you can add foreign language dictionaries (definition, not bilingual) to a PRS-T2 (rooted or not)?

  6. Hello
    I tried to upgrade my T2 from version to version by putting the OS Firmware folder on a SD card and reboot into recovery. What happened I got and PRS-T1 like layout (the wider smaller icons) and no USB or WiFi. Without USB (not even charge) I can’t do anything but ask for a backup of an T2 so I can restore to that. The russian sites have T1 backup images, i really need a T2. Must be a driver problem or something. If you can get me a pre- I will try it, but i really prefer

    Thank You