Today Only: Kindle Paperwhite on Sale for $99, Basic Kindle $49


Amazon is running a one-day sale on the Kindle Paperwhite and basic Kindle today for $20 off the regular price of each.

Amazon has been doing a lot of sales on their tablets lately; it’s good to see they are finally including their E Ink Kindles this time around.

In fact this is the lowest price I can ever remember Amazon selling the basic Kindle for. A few years ago it was a big deal when E Ink ebook readers finally hit the sub-$100 price point; now just half of that can get you the entry level Kindle. That’s pretty crazy.

The Kindle Paperwhite at $99 is also a good deal for what I would consider the best frontlit ebook reader on the current market. At that price you get advertisements, though. Luckily the non-ad model is also included in the sale. It’s $119 instead of the usual $139.

The 3G Kindle Paperwhite, however, is not included in the sale. As mentioned in an earlier article, there’s something fishy about the 3G Paperwhite anyway. It’s pretty much never been in stock since its release; right now it’s 5 to 7 weeks out.

There’s been speculation that Amazon could release a new premium Kindle Paperwhite with a higher resolution screen and a new design, but that still remains to be seen. If you don’t want to wait to see if the unicorn is real, today’s $99 Paperwhite is hard to pass up.

$49 Basic Kindle
$99 Kindle Paperwhite

2 Responses to “Today Only: Kindle Paperwhite on Sale for $99, Basic Kindle $49”

  1. Cool! I just ordered a Paperwhite and will arrive here tomorrow 🙂

  2. Yes — thanks — picked up a basic Kindle for $49 to use as a backup e-reader. You’re right this is the lowest price I have ever seen the basic Kindle brand new. I have seen it at $49 as a refurb before — but not brand new.