Comparison Review: Nexus 7 2nd Gen vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Nexus 7 2nd Gen vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Last week I posted a review of the new 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. One of its main competitors is the 2nd gen Nexus 7, so I wanted to put together this comparison review outlining the similarities and advantages for each.

Both are very similar yet very different Android tablets. The Nexus 7 has some hardware advantages. The screen being one of them, with over 100 more pixels per inch. I’ve already written about the Galaxy Tab 4 screen being better than I’d expected despite the lower resolution, but side-by-side with the Nexus 7 it’s clear which one wins. In the video review below the extra brightness on the Nexus 7 really stands out. Both are set to at maximum.

Another thing you may notice in the video is how slow the Kindle for Samsung app is to launch. That’s not a valid comparison for other apps on the Galaxy Tab 4; for whatever reason the Kindle for Samsung app is much slower to open than other apps.

Check out my full reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and Google Nexus 7 for more detailed information about each tablet and for a full list of specs.

Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: Similarities

  • Both have 7-inch screens (there are larger models available but for this review I’m comparing the 7-inch models specifically).
  • Operating systems are both Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and come with Google Play access.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • GPS.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack, built in speakers, microphone.
  • Estimated battery life in the same 8-10 hour range.
  • Mostly same selection of apps and content.
  • Both have dual-band Wi-Fi.

Nexus 7 (2nd gen) Advantages

  • More internal storage space.
  • The touchscreen supports 10 points of contact at once; the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 supports 5.
  • Micro USB port supports connecting peripherals such as keyboards.
  • Micro USB port with SlimPort (can connect an HDMI cable to stream content to a TV with a SlimPort adaptor).
  • NFC support (can transfer content by touching NFC-equipped devices together).
  • Wireless charging.
  • Better rear camera: 5MP for the Nexus 7, 3MP for the Galaxy Tab 4.
  • Faster processor.
  • Better screen with higher resolution, 1920 x 1200 vs 1280 x 800.
  • Slightly more RAM, 2GB vs 1.5GB.
  • Much higher benchmark scores: Quadrant – 5318 Nexus 7; 3621 Galaxy Tab 4; AnTuTu – 20534 Nexus 7; 12545 Galaxy Tab 4.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Advantages

  • MicroSD card slot (the biggest advantage).
  • Custom software tweaks gives Samsung tablets a different feel than stock Android.
  • Run two applications at once side-by-side with Samsung’s multitasking feature.
  • Retails for $30 less than the Nexus 7.
  • Physical home button and capacitive sensors instead of onscreen buttons taking up space.
  • Samsung Book Deals for free ebook per month via exclusive Kindle for Samsung app.
  • Smaller size and lighter overall weight makes it feel a little more comfortable to hold.
  • Built-in IR blaster to use the tablet as a universal remote control

Video Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 vs Nexus 7

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  1. hi i have a tab 4.0 and am trying to find a HDML cable to connect it to the tv,, currently most places are saying that there isnt a cable for the tab 4.0 do you know if there is one