First Look at Mysterious New “E-Card” Smartphone eReader (Video)


My daily YouTube rummaging turned up a video of an interesting-looking new E Ink device called the E-Card.

According to the description, the E-Card is a smartphone reading companion that can display ebooks, comics, and other content from a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Basically the E-Card is like the Oaxis InkCase and PocketBook CoverReader, minus the cover. It’s a secondary E Ink display that can be paired with a smartphone. This helps preserve the phone’s battery life and make reading more pleasant, especially outdoors in bright sunlight.

The description also suggests that the E-Card supports notifications for incoming calls, text messages, emails and alarms, and can displays the weather, date/time and images.

The video demonstrates reading a comic book on the E-Card. It looks similar to the other E Ink smartphone readers that use a special app to send content to the device. Then you control page turning on the E-Card by pressing forward and back sensors below the screen.

This is an interesting new take on the E Ink smartphone combination idea. Instead of integrating the E Ink screen in a special cover or into the phone itself, the E-Card is an entirely separate gadget. That certainly helps make it more widely accessible on different types of phones, but makes it a little less convenient and easier to misplace.

Other than the YouTube video, there’s no information about the E-Card anywhere that I can find. The weather widget shows Shanghai, but the E-Card app’s interface is in English, as the picture at the top of this article shows.

Reading Comics with E-Card

3 Responses to “First Look at Mysterious New “E-Card” Smartphone eReader (Video)”

  1. Looks Taiwanese to me, since the phone interface and the comic are both in traditional Chinese. I really hope we’ll be seeing more of this technology soon though!

  2. That looks brilliant. I’m ready to buy one right now.