Why is the Kindle DX Shipping Date So Far Away?

kindle dx

As a few commenters have pointed out over the past couple of months, the international Kindle DX is no longer available for immediate shipment from Amazon—it now has an expected ship date 2 to 4 months away.

For a device that has been seemingly discontinued (twice), that long of a shipping delay makes no sense whatsoever. If Amazon isn’t making anymore Kindle DX’s, then what are they waiting for? It’s not like it takes 2-4 months to get more in stock from another warehouse or somewhere else.

A delay that long would suggest that more need to be made in order to fulfill shipments. But why would Amazon make more Kindle DX’s when they haven’t even updated the software since early 2011. It doesn’t make sense.

Yet Amazon continues to accept orders for the Kindle DX for $199, even with a 2-4 month shipping delay. Usually if something is 4 months off a store will stop taking orders until they get more in, but not in this case.

After Amazon stopped selling the regular US version of the Kindle DX earlier this year, and after the price of used ones skyrocketed to $9999, it came to light that Amazon was still selling the international version of the Kindle DX for $199.

The problem is the listing is nearly impossible to find because it’s excluded from Amazon’s search results and isn’t linked to on any Kindle pages, not even the main Kindle DX page.

The page is meant for international buyers so it’s hard to come by in the US, but people in the US can order it just the same. The only noticeable difference with the international Kindle DX is it doesn’t come with an AC charger plug since outlets aren’t the same everywhere. The 3G module may differ slightly too, but it still works the same so it’s irrelevant.

Needless to say, the Kindle DX appears to be a device that just won’t go away. Could it be possible that it’s going to be brought back from the dead yet again?

4 Responses to “Why is the Kindle DX Shipping Date So Far Away?”

  1. I bought the DX last year because my mom can’t “work” a touch screen. a few weeks ago the 3G quit working. when I turn it on it indicates a connection. but as soon as I move the cursor to “sync” the 3G shuts down. I’ve tried the 311 and 611 options I discovered online but they didn’t help. don’t want to try a factory reset since I might lose the titles on the device. can anyone help?

    • You won’t lose any Amazon books, they’ll always remain in the cloud for download, but yeah any sideloaded content would be erased with a factory reset. If that doesn’t work contacting Amazon support would be your best option.

  2. I meant that books downloaded to the DX would be erased from the device. then my mom couldn’t read them. I could. but she can’t manage a touch screen. I have newer ones for her but can’t get them downloaded. at least there are some already downloaded onto the DX.

  3. Do they have the Kindle DX or not? I had DXG before and 1. It was slow on large pdfs to the point of not opening 2. Even new Kindle textbooks didn’t work on it 3. Archaic cranky buttons and joystick, so I got rid of it thinking a new/updated version would come out. Now when I come back to buy it shipping is 2-4 months for a 4 year old product?? I just like the screen so I would buy it but why 2-4 months. They don’t have express shipping from Mars?