B&N Drops Nook GlowLight to $99; Weekend Sale on Nook Galaxy Tablets

Nook GlowLight

Barnes and Noble released a press release today announcing a permanent price drop on the Nook GlowLight and a weekend sale on Nook Galaxy tablets.

The Nook GlowLight turned one year old this month. Since its release it has sold for $119, the same price as the base Kindle Paperwhite. As of November 21st, the Nook GlowLight will have a new low price of $99.

Given how neglected the Nook GlowLight is, the fact that Barnes and Noble hasn’t updated the software to add any new features to E Ink Nooks in years, it’s hard to see $20 off making much of a difference, especially when B&N doesn’t seem to care much about the Nook themselves with the upcoming divorce pending.

B&N’s partnership with Samsung has taken over the tablet portion of the Nook business with the 7-inch and 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook models.

Both Nook Galaxy tablets will be on sale this weekend from November 21st through November 23rd during what B&N is calling Discovery Weekend.

The 7-inch Nook Galaxy Tab will be marked down from $179 to $149. The 10-inch Nook Galaxy Tab will be marked down from $319 to $249. Both are less than current sale prices on the regular Samsung Galaxy 4 Tabs so that should help B&N’s cause a little.

Barnes and Noble Members can also get an additional 10% off Nook tablets and ereaders.

3 Responses to “B&N Drops Nook GlowLight to $99; Weekend Sale on Nook Galaxy Tablets”

  1. Are there any stats as to how well the Nook Samsung tablets have been selling? That’s a shame about the Glow light, it appears to be a nice little ereader but is neglected like you say.

  2. $99 is a great deal and no adds!! Great for gifting.

    Too bad the Kindles and the Nooks don’t have expandable storage, i.e. a microSD card slot. That was one thing I really liked about the older Nooks. That and physical page turn buttons.

    I was looking at the specs the other day and really the only thing that stood out between the Nook Glow and the PaperWhite was the Nook is around an ounce lighter, otherwise very similar in re: to hardware specs.