PocketBook CAD Reader Flex has 13.3″ Flexible E Ink Screen

PocketBook CAD Reader Flex

PocketBook has announced what is essentially an updated version of an unreleased device called the PocketBook CAD Reader. The new version is called the PocketBook CAD Reader Flex, and as the name suggests it has a flexible screen and housing.

It was exactly one year ago today when PocketBook first announced plans to develop the PocketBook CAD Reader, a specialized ereading device with a 13.3-inch E Ink display.

The development of the device didn’t go as planned, however. Initially it was expected to come with an E Ink Fina display and the software was strictly going to be that of a CAD Reader to display drawings generated with Autocad software.

But according to reports the Fina display ended up being too fragile so PocketBook decided to switch to a Mobius E Ink display instead, which uses a plastic substrate and is much lighter and more durable, even flexible.

The Sony DPT-S1, Sony’s specialized PDF Reader, is the only other device using a 13.3-inch Mobius display. It sells for a whopping $999 so hopefully the PocketBook CAD Reader won’t cost as much.

PocketBook is presenting the new device this week at the Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas. There’s still no mention of an actual release date or price yet, however.

We’ve got a few specs to go off of but not a whole lot. The overall thickness is just 6.5 mm. That’s even thinner than the Sony DPT-S1 at 7.14 mm.

PocketBook claims the device is dust and moisture resistant and that the Mobius screen and rubber housing make it flection-resistant, and that users can stick the device in a bag without worrying about damaging it.

Other specs include a 1600 × 1200 pixel resolution display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, 512 MB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, mechanical page buttons and a five-way controller button for navigation. There is no frontlight or touchscreen.

Earlier the device was said to run Android 4.0, but that was a long time ago—who knows what it will be by the time it gets released.

via: PocketBook

12 Responses to “PocketBook CAD Reader Flex has 13.3″ Flexible E Ink Screen”

  1. Wonderful! I expect this device to be much lighter than other large e-readers, that weigh too much to handle them with only one hand.

    • Sorry for this digression, but I’m finding the responsiveness of my PRS-T1 dictionary very slow and annoying. I was surprised when Cybook Odissey was launched for its fast speed.

      Being aware my ereader is one of the first generation, do you think the latter generation has a much faster response? I don’t know it is worth to buy one.

      Sorry for my poor english and thanks.

      • Nah, all the PRS-T series are basically the same exact device in a different shell; Sony pretty much just kept re-releasing the same ereader with very minor hardware changes.

        • Thanks for answering, but I didn’t mean generations of Sony ereaders, but all ereaders.
          So, do you think nowadays ereaders are really faster than those of Sony? I only have perceived much more response speed in Cybook Odissey, but not other ereader has its HSIS technology.

          • It varies by brand. The PRS-T1 was Sony’s first Android ereader and it felt clunkier and slower than other models. The Kindles are really fast and smooth when it comes to stuff like looking up words in the dictionary. Kobo’s are a little slower to react to onscreen gestures like that, it seems. Can’t speak for Cybooks because they aren’t available in the US.

  2. Again, thanks for your answer.

  3. Damn, no touchscreen? Well I guess I’ll have to just tough it out then–better than paying $1000 for Sony overpriced counterpart.

  4. Would it be possible to rotate the screen (for reading comics or mangas for instance)?

    That is my intention with this device as I do the same thing on Kindle DX,(its shape is different so better to check this)

    • Yeah, other pictures (or should I say renders) show it in portrait mode. But it’s been a prototype for over a year, and I’m not sure if it’s ever going to get released. It’s going to be majorly hampered without a touchscreen anyway, so it doesn’t even matter if it runs Android, and Pocketbook’s reputation isn’t very good anymore—I haven’t read a positive review for a new Pocketbook in years.

  5. pocketbook cad reader- approximetly estimated price 990 euros. cad reader flex-590 euros. the device will come into the market in May 2015,customer service said this

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ll believe it when I see it. 🙂 Those prices are insane, though. There are going to be dead in the water before they ever even get released. That converts to about $1175 US for the CAD Reader; it’s going to be even more expensive than the Sony DPT-S1. I never thought that would be possible. And 590 euros ($700 US) for the Flex is mind-boggling for a device that doesn’t even have a touchscreen. No wonder PocketBook has been struggling to get these devices on the market if they are going to be dealing with those kinds of prices. It must be insanely expensive to produce E Ink’s 13.3-inch Mobius screens. Once again E Ink is stifling their own progress in the ereader field. They’ve already failed repeatedly trying to get color E Ink going, and now it looks like the same is going to happen to 13.3-inch devices too because they can’t get the price down to a reasonable level.

  6. 我觉得可以在中国上市了,这款机器肯定大卖,这东西用来看文献最好不过了。适合各种部门的各种工程人员,做工程每天翻文献真的是够难受。 有了这个会很方便。当然,如果不在中国卖我们也会有自己的替代品生产出来。这只不过是时间问题。