Video Tour of E Ink’s Booth at CES 2015


Charbax from uploaded one of his yearly tours of E Ink’s booth at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

E Ink as a company clearly wants to build their business in new ways, and this year that really shows. You will find very little time spent talking about ereader displays in the video.

E Ink is focusing much more on other applications for E Ink with products like electronic shelf tags, digital signs, clocks, and smart photo frames.

E Ink just introduced a new product called E Ink Prism that is meant for architecture and design applications. It can be laminated on walls, tiles, ceiling panels to create unique design elements in public places such as hospitals, hotel lobbies, transportation hubs, etc. Different colors can be applied with custom patterns and shapes.

One of the coolest things shown in the video right at the beginning is the Yotaphone 2, a new Android smartphone with a AMOLED screen on the front and an E Ink screen on the back. The implementation looks like it was done really well.

The E Ink screen on the Yotaphone can be used to save battery power, to read ebooks, it’s easily readable in bright sun light, and it can be used for all functions independently from the main screen, unlike similar devices like the InkCase.

E Ink Booth Tour CES 2015

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  1. I havent seen an eink mobile writing pad with hard keyboard keys..samkinda mobile hemingwrite or a kindle for writers… android e ink like rooted nook and boox were great but distracting due to other apps. hopefully there will be companies who will consider this e ink product too..