New Videos of 13.3-inch E Ink Monitor Dasung Paperlike

Dasung Paperlike

The first 13.3-inch E Ink monitor, the Dasung Paperlike, has reappeared on YouTube in a couple of new videos posted by Dasung Tech.

The video description makes mention of it being the “latest” Dasung Paperlike display, so hopefully that means they were able to work out some of the issues with the earlier version.

The Paperlike has been sold out since February, according to the company’s Facebook page. It shipped to 43 different countries worldwide.

So far there’s been no mention of when they’ll start taking orders again but the fact that they’re posting new videos probably means it will be sooner rather than later.

There’s an email address on the Dasung’s website for contacting them about orders and questions.

What makes the Paperlike unique is the fact that it features a 13.3-inch E Ink screen that can be powered entirely via a regular USB cable plugged into a PC or Mac computer. It gets enough power through the USB cable to operate without having to plug it into a power source.

Typing on E Ink Monitor

Dasung Paperlike: Word, Browser, PPT

5 Responses to “New Videos of 13.3-inch E Ink Monitor Dasung Paperlike”

  1. Nice, I didn’t see it refresh… like to see how it plays video and how much it costs.

    • Hopefully they’ll come down on the price because it used to cost a small fortune. Like almost twice as much as the 13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max. And it doesn’t even have the better Mobius screen like the Max has. It has the much more fragile glass-based Fina screen instead.

  2. So, it is possible it will cost far less than Max, cause its poorer screen and built-in funcionalities, isn’t it? Or is it faster?

    I like its response speed.

    • I doubt there’s any chance it costs less than the Max after what they were charging before. The only difference is Fina uses glass backing instead of plastic so it’s a durability difference rather than performance.

  3. But this device, unlike the Onyx Max, has a unique funcionality: monitor.

    Max is more versatile, so it has to be more expensive.