Kindle Oasis Covers and Cases List – What’s the Point?

Kindle Oasis Covers

A number of cases and covers for the Kindle Oasis are starting to crop up online from third-party manufacturers.

Considering the fact that the Kindle Oasis comes with its own special charging cover, one with a built-in battery designed specifically for the Kindle Oasis, you have to wonder what’s the point of these third-party covers?

None of them have built-in batteries so the Oasis would have to be recharged after every few hours of reading.

That kind of defeats the purpose of spending a small fortune on the Kindle Oasis to begin with.

I can understand using a sleeve or traveling style case to add more protection with the existing cover still in use, but getting a case to outright replace the charging cover makes no sense.

Yet there are a number of cases already on the market that do just that, like the Fintie covers. They have a “leather” folio case that covers the entire ereader except the buttons and the screen. It adds a bunch of bulk and weight so once that completely defeats the purpose of getting the Kindle Oasis in the first place.

I’ve yet to find any third-party covers that include an external battery to help charge the Kindle Oasis’s small battery, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that never changes. It’s such a unique design that Amazon probably has a patent on it, and it could potentially become a liability for them if companies used inferior batteries and low quality materials, which is par for the course when it comes to cheap covers.

Even if I don’t understand their purpose, here’s a list of covers and cases for the Kindle Oasis. Most of them are rather inexpensive, from $5 – $15.

Kindle Oasis Covers List

Fintie Premium PU Leather Cover – Available in five colors and three designs.

Fintie Book Style Premium Vegan Leather Folio Cover – Available in five colors and three designs.

i-UniK Premium Slim Cover – Available in eight different colors and designs.

Ceocase Cover Pouch Sleeve – A sleeve-style cover that comes in eight different colors.

ACdream Protective Premium PU Vegan Leather Cover – Comes in seven different color choices.

Custom Sleeves and Cases at Etsy – There are bunch of different cases and sleeves available from Etsy that will work with the Kindle Oasis even though the aren’t specifically designed for it.

Wallet Flip Leather Case – One of many generic covers on eBay from China, available in nine colors.

Magnetic Flip Stand Smart Cover – Another generic cover on eBay that ships from China for under $5, available in five colors.

Luxury Slim PU Leather Protective Cover – A leather style slip case available in brown, black, and coffee.

Luxury Leather Slim Protective Cover – Another generic sleeve cover on eBay but it ships from the US, available in black and blue.

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5 Responses to “Kindle Oasis Covers and Cases List – What’s the Point?”

  1. I can tell you why I bought one of these cheap no-battery cases for my Oasis. I do most of my reading while taking my dog on a daily walk that lasts several hours. I’ve already managed to drop the Oasis a couple of times on pavement and badly scratched the wonderful leather case that it came with.I may be the only person crazy enough to read on my Kindle while walking–but I’ve done it for several years and it works for me (and the dog).The original case is much lighter and nicer to handle, but I don’t want it scarred and covered in sweat and sunscreen.

    • I guess that’s as good of a reason as any. 😉

      It reminds me of the MegaReader, an app for the iPhone that uses the phone’s camera to show what’s in front of you as you’re walking on the background of the screen.

      • Now that’s a great idea! I wonder if Amazon would consider adding such a feature to please one devoted Kindle reader/walker. Well, I can dream.

  2. The stock Oasis case protects the screen, but not the corners of the device, which are made of dentable magnesium. When you drop a Kindle, the corners are the most likely part to hit the ground first.

  3. So what about a case that lets you encase the Oasis with the charging cover still on, but the cover flap flipped to back of the device (like you normally have it when you’re reading)?

    In other words – are there not cases out there that don’t make you remove the charging cover?? This shouldn’t be so hard, you wouldn’t think…