Kindle Oasis $199 from Amazon Warehouse Deals (Used)

Kindle Oasis with Cover

If the high price of Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is putting you off from getting it, there’s a way to get one for a lot less through Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Currently they have two versions of the Kindle Oasis available used in “good” condition. They are most likely customer returns since the device has only been out for 5 months.

The Wi-Fi model with a black cover is available for $199 and the 3G version is $249.

Here’s the link to the listing: Kindle Oasis Deals.

When purchased new the Wi-Fi model sells for $289 and the 3G model sells for $359, so it’s a pretty big discount, especially for the 3G version.

Sometimes you can find good deals on open-box, pre-owned, and refurbished products through Amazon Warehouse Deals. They also have used Fire tablets for as little as $26.

Check out my Kindle Oasis review to learn more about the device and to see a video walkthrough.

I saw this deal for the Kindle Oasis mentioned over at Slickdeals.

2 Responses to “Kindle Oasis $199 from Amazon Warehouse Deals (Used)”

  1. I take it this means they have received tons of returns (not a good sign)