Paperlike Pro E Ink Monitor Mirroring iPhone and iPad Displays (Video)

Paperlike Pro iPhone

Dasung recently released a 2nd generation version of their 13.3-inch E Ink monitor, the Paperlike Pro.

Generally the Dasung Paperlike is thought of as a secondary monitor for a laptop or computer, but the 2nd gen model can also be used to mirror iPhone and iPad displays as well.

The Paperlike Pro is the first E Ink device to feature an HDMI port for connectivity.

It has a 13.3-inch E Ink Carta screen similar to the Sony DPT-RP1, but it uses a lower resolution 1600×1200 screen.

It doesn’t have a frontlight but it does have an extra USB port to plug in a lamp.

The cool thing about the Paperlike monitor is that it doesn’t need a battery or require a power supply; it draws enough power through the HDMI connection to run the E Ink display.

Dasung recently uploaded a video showing how fast the refresh rate is on the Paperlike’s screen, and it’s just as impressive using an iPad and iPhone. It’s surprising how responsive the E Ink screen is with scrolling and zooming—there’s not nearly as much ghosting or flashing as other E Ink devices.

The funny thing is they state that the Paperlike Pro is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Ubuntu systems, but then they upload a video showing it working with iPads and iPhones so obviously it works with them too.

Paperlike Pro

iPad and iPhone on Paperlike Pro

5 Responses to “Paperlike Pro E Ink Monitor Mirroring iPhone and iPad Displays (Video)”

  1. Impressive! About how much is this going to cost?

    • They’re selling it for $899 and their reseller is charging $1399 so good luck with that… Meanwhile the Sony has a higher resolution screen and extra hardware features and sells for $699 so yeah the price seems really high.

  2. E-ink displays with HDMI ports. Make em smaller and we’re not too far from brewing our own e-readers.

    In fact, you could probably rig up a battery and one of those single board computers to this thing right now.

  3. Good browsing but, wich mode are they showing? A2? Because I’ve seen other viceos and scrolling isn’t so smooth

  4. Hard to compare to unrooted Sony because Sony has not indicated when/whether it will ever update its firmware. Sony has been out of stock on Amazon for a long time and won’t say when new units may be available. This month? Next month? Next quarter? Next year? Seems like a badly run division.