New Kindle Oasis Shipping Dates Getting Pushed Back

Kindle Oasis

If you ordered a new Kindle Oasis soon after it was announced and chose release day delivery, then you can expect to get it on October 31st.

But if you order one now, it might not arrive until mid to late November, depending on which model variation you choose. In some cases it could take considerably longer than that, especially for international orders.

There’s a thread at MobileRead where people are posting their estimated delivery dates for the new Kindle Oasis.

Annoyingly Amazon doesn’t show the estimated date of arrival until the order is placed, so it’s hard to know what to expect when choosing a model to purchase.

Delaying shipping dates on pre-orders is pretty commmon when it comes to the release of a new Kindle.

It took 4 months after for the original Kindle Oasis was released for stock to catch up with demand, 3 months for the Kindle Voyage.

They basically just remain in a pre-order status for a few months with the shipping dates getting pushed back as more orders are accepted. On some level the delay seems to be part of Amazon’s plan. Yet the same doesn’t happen with Fire tablets; they’re almost always in stock after release. It’s odd how new Kindle releases are treated differently.

For those that have ordered a new Kindle Oasis, what is your estimated delivery date?

33 Responses to “New Kindle Oasis Shipping Dates Getting Pushed Back”

  1. Ordered the 8GB WiFi only version on October 16, the delivery date is November 8 – November 10. I’m in Europe.

  2. Ordered mine first day of pre-orders, Oct 31 delivery date.

  3. Ordered the first hour…coming on the 31st. 32g and WiFi- with special offers(may remove them on this one).

    • Me too. It would be more worth it if Kindles showed book covers on the sleep screen, but it’s worth paying the extra $20 just to get rid of the annoying homescreen ad. At least Fire tablets don’t have that.

      • Totally would prefer books from library as a screensaver. They probably would implement them -but that would reduce the percentage of special offers Kindles…admittedly annoying.

  4. I am getting the 32G version.

    Info from Amazon:
    Ordered on Oct 13
    Expected to ship Oct 27
    Arriving Oct 31, 2017

  5. 32g ordered on the day after announcement – arrival on October 31st expected.

  6. I ordered the 8gb version which arrives on Nov 6. I don’t see the point in the 32gb version since you can store books on the Kindle cloud and I also will not use it for Audible since I already have an iPhone 128 GB for that.

  7. Ordered my 8GB wi-fi version without special offers on the first day preorders became available. I’m a Prime member, but still not expected to arrive until November 14th. Hopefully will get it sooner like with my original Oasis, which came in months earlier tan the estimated date.

    Annoyingly, the Indigo cover I ordered will be here on October 31st, right on schedule!

    • That’s odd. I would’ve expected release day delivery if ordered the day of the announcement.

      • Well, I did order it later in the day. Didn’t get home from work until about 5:30, so figure around 6 EST or so. Don’t know what time of day the preorders actually became available,but if it was very early that may be why the large delay.

        Also I could swear ordering the device without special offers pushes it back as well

    • Same here I ordered the 8 GB version within same day. I’m guessing it’s taking a little longer because of the demand of 8gb version versus the 32 GB version. It’s tempting to spend the extra $30 for the 32gb but i decided to use that towards a case since it’s a 32 is bit overkill for my needs.

    • I, too, get my leather cover on October 31, but I won’t receive the Oasis untI’ll November 21. Maybe I can stare at it and pretend I have the Oasis.

  8. Orders 32 wifi in US on Oct. 14. Somebody else orders so not sure if get it before Oct 31.
    I hope he gets it early Nov. otherwise would be problem.

  9. Ack, I guess I should have preordered it as soon as they dropped. I had a feeling I was going to get one (the Audible integration was the first push), but I wasn’t sold until I read Nathan’s blog about night mode being available. That did it.
    Only thing is, I didn’t have the money together until a few days ago, so that’s when I ordered it. I’m getting the 32 GB with 3G and special offers, and it’s coming November 24, apparently. Ack.

  10. Ordered 8gb wifi with ads on October 11th with delivery on October 31st

  11. Ordered the morning the pre-orders came up; 8GB, Wifi, no special offers with the Indigo cloth cover. Both supposed to arrive on release date, 10-31

  12. I went to order on 10/18 the 8gb WiFi and it was saying a November 14 delivery. I ordered from Best Buy for pick up as I want it now and don’t think I could wait that long.

  13. I had traded in an old kindle so I was waiting on that transaction to go through before pre-ordering the Oasis. Since that took a bit I placed my order for a 32gb Wifi+ 3g w/o offers on the 20th. My expected delivery date is Nov 15th which I was bummed about but can wait a few weeks for it. Accessories I ordered will be delivered the 31st though.

  14. Ordered 32 GB 3G+ Wlan Oct. 11, delivery date Nov 2. Í’m in Austria, Europe.

  15. Ordered day after release. 8gb version, expect to arrive Nov. 6th.

  16. Just got the mail: it will arrive on oct. 30

  17. I ordered the 32gb, 3G, ads free on October 11 and got estimated delivery of November 6-10.

  18. I just pre-ordered mine last night. I got the 32GB Wi-Fi without Special Offers.

    So far, it’s saying the estimated ship date is November 21st. You would have thought that they would have anticipated demand and had extra stock.

  19. I just cancelled my order with Amazon. I read one of the comments here about someone ordering from Best Buy, and I checked the website. I was able to get the one I wanted, albeit with special offers, and have it delivered November 3rd. I could have spent an extra $20 to get it shipped to me the day of release.

    If you’re looking to get this Kindle, check Best Buy. Don’t be stuck waiting almost a month.

  20. Italy
    Preorder 19 october
    Kindle oasis 2 8GB wifi only
    Delivery date 3-7 november

  21. Ordered 2 weeks ago the 32 GB Wifi version.
    Arrived yesterday. Cover is delayed and will arrive on the November the 3rd.

  22. I ordered the 32gb, w/o special offers, wifi+3g on 10/13, and was disappointed to get an estimated delivery date of 11/14. However, yesterday Amazon revised the delivery date to tomorrow 11/1 and I’m so excited!

  23. So I just received my new Oasis (WiFi, 32GB, special offers), and it’s running Firmware I don’t see the new bold and font UI that came with firmware 5.8.11 on my Voyage.

  24. I received the 32G version yesterday (Oct 31). I was not impressed with the screen resolution as it appears to be same as Kindle Paperwhite to me.

    Bottom line is this is way overpriced for simply reading purpose. Consider this costs almost 3 times as much as a Paperwhite.

    Also, I almost decided to return it because I usually use left hand to hold an eReader. At first, I thought this reader is for right hand only. Luckily, it is for either left or right hand. So, not totally disappointed.

    Again, I only got it for 1 day.

    • They both have 300 ppi E Ink Carta screens so I don’t know why you’d expect it to look better, it’s just larger. The Paperwhite is still the best value, for sure, but the Oasis has a lot more to offer.