How to Fix Problems with Kindle eBooks Disappearing on Fire Tablets


Lately I’ve been noticing the Kindle ebook app on my Fire HD 10 keeps resetting likes it’s starting from scratch, and all the downloaded ebooks disappear and have to be redownload again.

There are a number of similar reports of problems with the Kindle app on the Fire HD 10 over at Amazon’s Fire Tablets forum.

The issue keeps happening over and over again; the Kindle app works for awhile but then it resets and the problem comes back.

It happens when restarting the device and at other random times.

It seems to be related to having Google Play installed.

Given the fact it’s not officially supported, it’s not surprising for some issues occur, but there appears to be an easy fix. I was trying a few different things mentioned over at the Fire forum. I’m not 100% sure which method fixed it but I’m pretty sure it was uninstalling the Kindle app from the Play Store and disabling auto updates. I haven’t had the problem since doing that, and I tested it on the Fire 7 and it seems to have resolved the same issue on it too.

The Fix

Open the Play Store app and swipe from the left side of the screen to open the menu.

Scroll down and select “settings” and the turn off auto-update apps.

Go back to the menu and select “my apps & games”. Tap the Amazon Kindle app listed on the updates or installed page to go to its main listing page. From there tap the “uninstall” button (it takes a long time to complete).

After the uninstall is finished, reboot the Fire tablet and then once you reinitialize the books app it should continue to work normally.

Did that work for you? I haven’t had any problems since doing this but it’s only been a couple days. The weird thing is I could have sworn I had auto-updates disabled before but it seemed to turn itself back on at some point. I also uninstalled Amazon’s other apps from the Play Store for good measure.

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  1. I prefer my ebooks in EPUB format, either purchased or from the library, then I read them on the Fire tablet.

  2. This was a suddenly occurring problem last month. Every night when I opened my Kindle to read at bedtime, there would be no downloaded books nor any books in My Books. I would have to reboot every night. I don’t think I had Google Play installed on that Kindle. I initiated a chat session with Amazon support who said that no one had reported this problem. The only solution they could provide was a factory reset. I reluctantly did that and the problem went away.

  3. Hmmm, I have Google play store installed on my Kindle 7 and every time I restart, it asked me to update Netflix.

  4. I am unable to uninstall the Kindle App in Google Play Store when I try to do so. All I get is a screen saying update or open.

  5. @KEITH LEONARD: Same for me. As mobi/kindle ‘app’ is a default reader, I also can’t find within google play ‘app store’ to uninstall, etc. I typically read 99.9% EPUB format and subsequently use the highly recommended Mantano reader but what opened up this Pandora’s box was a recent download in the ‘new’ epub-3 format which mantano doesn’t recognize (yet – don’t know if this is now an ‘industry’ standard?). I converted the book to mobi with the great (and FREE) Calibre (PC executable) but kindle reader keeps abruptly closing & books are disappearing (Kindle Fire HD 10 inch – never had trouble with prior Kindle Fire 1st gen 7 inch?). This is driving me bonkers BUT a work-around (for me anyway) is getting an alternate MOBI reader – now using the FREE FB-Reader (Moon+Reader is also decent). Sorry I’m blabbering on endlessly but hopefully an alternate reader will help you guys as well. My next step was the dreaded restore and/or factory-reset.

  6. I don’t have google play downloaded on my kindle but I DO have this problem. I was able to get a kindle pdf to stay for a while but the second I ordered a new book from the kindle store it vanished again. I can find it in my downloads, but it loses my place (which is incredibly annoying on a 1000+ page PDF). Are their any other suggestions on how to make this stop for consumers who don’t have the google play app installed?

    • That’s just how the native PDF app works. You can send the PDFs to the special email address shown in settings to have it show up in the main library, or you can just install a different PDF app.

  7. Is there a difference between loading Amazon’s apps (Kindle, Music, Video, Audible etc) from the Amazon App store and loading them from Playstore?

  8. My book that I am reading is disappearing ever time I shut down and reopen the Kindle App. It even does it on my iPad. Is it a glitch in the app itself? Since it was happening on my Fire I started reading on my iPad. Still have the exact same problem. I read 3-4 books a week and this is very frustrating. Help!

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