New Update Adds Audible Support to Kindle and 1st Gen Oasis

Kindle Audible Support

Amazon has started rolling out a software update for Kindles to add some new features.

Both the current entry-level Kindle (8th generation) and the 1st gen Kindle Oasis now support Audible audiobooks, just like the new Kindle Oasis 2.

You can listen to audiobooks using Bluetooth headphones or speakers (so it turns out the 1st gen Oasis does have Bluetooth even though they never mentioned that before).

You can easily switch back and forth between reading and listening, but Kindles don’t support immersion reading so you can’t read along while the audiobook is playing like on Fire tablets.

The 2nd gen Kindle Oasis already supports audiobooks but Amazon added a new feature to it as well with this update.

Now there’s the option to temporarily disable the touchscreen while reading to avoid accidental presses. Then all you have to do is turn the Kindle Oasis off and back on again to re-enable the touchscreen.

The new software version is All Kindles from the Paperwhite 2 and newer get the update, but the Paperwhites and the previous entry-level Kindle don’t get audiobook support because they don’t have Bluetooth. Sounds like it’s about time for Amazon to come out with a new Bluetooth-equipped Paperwhite…

Like usual you can wait for the update to automatically download and install over Wi-Fi, or you can download the update now for your specific model from the Kindle software updates page and manually install it.

5 Responses to “New Update Adds Audible Support to Kindle and 1st Gen Oasis”

  1. Nice feature, although downloading audio-books on only 4gb is a major stretch. Still I might try it out just for SAG.

  2. Thank you for sharing the information so fast!

  3. They should have added Audible to the Voyage-Update. Due to the low memory (less than 4 GB free on a new Voyage) it is a little hard, but for a few Audible-ebooks that would be enough.
    My second Voyage is for US-Amazon shopping and I had no problem to install the speech-navigation module (from Paperwhite, no jail break or tricks necessary). This works with a USB-Kable to a Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2, due to the included Soundblastermodul.
    Would be better with more memory and blue-tooth but with an audiobook I could use that without too much trouble, the reader would lie on the table most of the time.

  4. I have recently purchased the kindle oasis and am utterly disappointed worth the battery life. Emailed amazon and explained who sent me a replacement only to have the same issue. Battery decreases daily even when not in use. I literally transferred my books over and the kindle lost almost half life within three hours. Both kindles the same.
    Kindle paperwhite battery lasted weeks and I really regret not replacing my paper white and going for the most expensive oasis. I would highly recommend avoiding the oasis.
    Any fixes though would be helpful!?