New Kindle Voyage Coming Soon? Or Will Amazon Discontinue it?

Kindle Voyage Sale

The Kindle Voyage looks like it might be on the way out. Most of the model versions are out of stock; the 3G model is currently unavailable and the non-ad versions are sold out too. In fact the only version available to purchase right now is the Wi-Fi Kindle Voyage with ads for $199.

So that leaves just one out of the usual four options available. When several Kindle variations start becoming unavailable at the same time it usually means something is about to change.

The same thing happened last fall with the 1st gen Kindle Oasis when most of the model variations went out of stock.

Then a couple months later it was replaced by the Kindle Oasis 2.

Of all the Kindles available, the Kindle Voyage is the one most due for an update. It was released back in 2014, making it the oldest Kindle in the current lineup.

It used to be the premium Kindle before the Oasis came along, but now it’s starting to look more outdated, especially at the $200+ price point for a 6-inch model.

There’s also the fact that the Kindle Voyage can’t play audiobooks, and that’s kind of a problem when it’s supposed to be a premium Kindle for the price it sells for, especially when the lower-end Kindle that’s on sale for $59 right now can play audiobooks.

But the big question is will Amazon release a Kindle Voyage 2 or do something different?

The Kindle Paperwhite is due for an update too, and I could see Amazon basically combining the two into a single new model.

There’s no reason a nice 6-inch ereader has to cost as much as the Voyage. Look at the previous Nook Glowlight Plus. It had 300 ppi and a flush glass screen just like the Kindle Voyage but it added waterproofing and a metal back and still it was only $129.

Either way, it looks like things are about to get interesting…

24 Responses to “New Kindle Voyage Coming Soon? Or Will Amazon Discontinue it?”

  1. I think having buttons on only the top of the like $250 model would be a mistake. A Paperwhite with page press would be fine. I hear rumors the next Paperwhite will have a flush screen anyway.

    • Oh?
      Where did you hear these rumours precisely?
      I highly doubt you heard anything, this is something you’re fantasizing about.

  2. A 7-inch Voyage would be great, especially if it comes with a battery that actually works. Perhaps they want to address some of the problems that are affecting the new Oasis. I still think the Voyage is the most beautiful Kindle device.

  3. If Voyage was to be discontinued, there’d be some kind of big sale, which isn’t the case. They’ll just phase it out, just like they’re doing now with Oasis 6″. So, it looks like the upgraded version is coming.

    • I don’t see how phasing out is different than being discontinued. The definition of phase out is an act of discontinuing a process, project, or service in phases.

      • English is my second language, sorry if I didn’t make much sense. What I meant, is that Amazon might start replacing Voyage gradually, just the way they’re replacing Oasis with a newer model.

  4. It is time for a refresh of the Voyage or maybe an entirely new product.
    If they update, my guess is they improve the page buttons. Not sure if they would want to add light temperature control… Leading to a whole lineup change.
    I doubt that they will eliminate that price point entirely… Too big a gap between the Oasis at 249.99 and the Paperwhite at 119.99.

  5. I’d like to see a paperwhite with the flush screen and real page press buttons. That would be perfect.

  6. Im hoping they update it. The Voyage still has the best screen of any Kindle. The fonts are sharper and blacker which I Love but it suffered from lighting issues. I just dont see a market for it though now that the larger Oasis is only $50 more and the PW is constantly on sale at $99 with trade in promos making it even cheaper. I also dont see them combining both PW and Voyage models since that would increase the price. Considering that the GL3 with more features is only $119 that wouldn’t make sense. My guess is that they phase it out and update the PW.

  7. My vote is for a 7″ Voyage with a comfort light. But it’s hard to see Amazon doing that, as it would rather eclipse their more expensive Oasis, at least for those of us who don’t care a fig for audiobooks.

    I don’t need or want physical buttons, and have turned off page press on my Voyage, so no improvement there would be of interest.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they phased it out entirely.

  8. I’d guess a 7″ Voyage with new processor and Bluetooth. And no lame orange light features.

    • I like the Glowlight orange. Kindles dont have it

    • A 7” Voyage would undercut the Oasis rendering it useless. The new Oasis is a horrible product IMO but its still too new to axe it. The Voyage should have been made the 7” and not the Oasis.

  9. I would like to see a 7″ Voyage. I like the form over how the oasis is shaped. Or at least get rid of the current entry level model then make the paper-white entry level and keep the voyage as mid range device. They need to make a new model with audiobooks, more storage

  10. Unfortunatley, I think the Voyage is over (pun absolutely intended)… A new Voyage would be way to similar to the Oasis in terms of feature set, while being fairly similar to the Kindle Paperwhite in features. The Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite have a nicely separated set of performance and feature options… and a price difference to command that. The Voyage, if updated, would fall between these, both in terms of features and price, and there would be less delineation of e-reader tiers, effectively saturating ALL of their market and cutting into sales on their products. Keeping it simpler with a high end Oasis, the mid tier Paperwhite, and the nice and cheap Kindle (blurrier screen and all) makes tons more sense. There’s really no room for a fourth device.

    Don’t get me wrong… the Voyage is still my favorite Kindle… I just think it’s done. Hopefully, I’m wrong and future Oasis models adopt a larger 8″ screen, leaving a segment for a new 6.8″ Voyage… but I don’t think so.

    • Ugh, you’ve got me all worried. I sold my Voyage to get the new Oasis (bad idea) and I miss it. Now I’m wondering if I should buy a new one in case they stop making it.

  11. Lots of votes here for a 7” Voyage. If you want 7”, buy Oasis. There still needs to be a 6” high end model for those who like to be able to easily slip it into their jacket pocket. 7” just isn’t portable unless you’re carrying a bag of some kind. To be honest, I’d love a 4” or 5” high end Kindle for maximum portability, but I know that’ll never happen; I’ll be content with 6”, but 7” would guarantee that I’ll never buy it.

  12. I would like to see a 6″ Oasis, I agree that 7″ is too big, it won’t fit in pants back pocket.

    Since the Oasis is supposedly waterproof, and has buttons, I would like to see an option to disable the screen touches and only use the buttons, so that it is usable when walking in the rain. As is, once the screen gets covered with water, it starts randomly changing pages.

  13. The Voyage is too close in price to the Oasis. As somebody said… The market for it will dry up. I own a Voyage. I love it and was able to get it with a Prime sale at $149.99. A 7 inch Paperwhite, priced at around $159.99 with a flush screen and page turn buttons. I would buy that.

  14. They don’t even sell the Voyage anymore on non-US Amazon sites, it’s always the refurbished one.

    So let’s hope that they’re just going to release a new version soon because it does really need an upgrade to support audiobooks and be water-proof.

    Imo the Oasis simply can’t replace the Voyage! Not only is it a lot more expensive but 7″ is simply too big/heavy unless you have big hands. I also prefer the Voyager’s touch-buttons over the Oasis real ones because they’re never going to get stuck due to dust and with the Voyage having buttons on both sides you don’t have to turn it around if you want to use your other hand.

  15. I hope they come out with new Voyage. I have a Paperwhite too, but like my Voyage so much more and used it exclusively. It’s funny they came out with the Oasis and on seeing its shape I never once even considered purchasing it.