10.3″ Likebook Note Coming Soon, Adds Frontlight to the Mix

Boyue Likebook Note

It looks like Boyue is getting ready to release their 10.3-inch Likebook Note T103 soon. They’ve been saying that for a long time now but it appears that things are finally getting close to finished.

Yesterday Boyue posted a couple teaser pictures on their Facebook page showing the Likebook Note.

What’s interesting is the fact that the pictures confirm that it does indeed have a frontlight.

That makes it the first 10.3-inch ereader to have a light; none of the 13.3-inch models have a light either so that makes it unique.

The 9.7-inch Boox N96ML is the only other large-screen ebook reader with a frontlight but that model has started disappearing from online stores lately so I don’t know if they’re phasing it out or what.

The Likebook Note also has page buttons and hardware buttons for home and back. It adds a memory card slot as well, unlike the other large models. Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, it has a USB-C port, 16GB of internal storage space, and a headphone jack and dual speakers.

But unfortunately when it comes to specs it’s not quite on the same level as the Onyx Boox Note and Sony DPT-CP1. It uses the i.MX6 sololite processor instead of a faster quad-core CPU. It also only has 1GB of RAM instead of 2GB, and it runs older Android 4.4.2 software.

The frontlight and memory card slot give it an edge the other models lack, but will that be enough to make up for the older software and the slower hardware?

Likebook Note 10.3

8 Responses to “10.3″ Likebook Note Coming Soon, Adds Frontlight to the Mix”

  1. Is there really a demand for these at these price points now that an entry level iPad is $350 and works with the Apple Pencil?

    • I think people who primarily want a device for reading and writing may prefer E Ink to LCD, especially for business and education. These large E Ink devices are much lighter than an iPad and the writing experience feels a lot more natural than writing on a glass screen. I’m already looking forward to getting rid of the new iPad but I don’t think I’ll be able to part with the Onyx Boox Note. It’s much better for reading and writing, in my opinion, and the iPad’s screen isn’t as nice as it used to be since they lowered the price.

    • Yes. I’m a student taking online classes and I own a Boox n96ml. You can actually read a pdf for hours on that device and not have your eyes burning. Being able to write on it means I can take notes right in the text and the device can compile them together for review later.

  2. I would definatley get this if it had Android 6. Android 4.4 is just too limiting and the BOOX Note with Android 6 and the Kindle app works really well. Though I miss the front light, I won’t be going back to a 4.4 device.

  3. The large screen, frontlight, and agility to take notes are what i need, so this would fit my needs, but so does the boox n96ml, and I already have that. Maybe a future upgrade…

  4. Thanks Nathan for your review, and your comments.
    I hope to buy an accessible ereader, to read pdf. I have boyue T62, and Likebook plus, and satisfied with them, especially the last one.

    Onix boox note: (http://boox.com/index.php/en/products/boox-note-series). Display: 1872 * 1404 = 227 ppi (not 300ppi) E Ink Mobius Letter HD display, flexible screen.
    CPU: 1.6 quad core (better). RAM: 2GB (better). Internal memory: 32GB (better). No memory card slot (less). Audio: dual speaker, with surround sound. Microphone. 3.5mm headphone jack ?. Battery: 4100mAmp. Capacitive touch screen. Touch screen Pen. Wacom 4096 levels pressure sensitivity; Wacom Stylus & Capacitive touch. (better). No front light (less). OS: Android 6.0 (better). Double- window Mode (better). Wi fi (2.4ghz?). Buttons or Keys: Power, Back. Price:?.

    Boyue likebook note: (http://www.boyue.com/category.aspx?nid=58). Display: 1404 * 1872 = 227 (not 300ppi) E Ink Mobius Letter (not HD?) Display, flexible screen. CPU: 1GHZ Freescale i.MX6 Sololite ARM Cortex A9 (less than Onix note). RAM: 1GB (less than Onix note, better than 512MB). 16GB internal memory (less than Onix boox note with 2GB, better than 4GB). Memory card slot expandable up to 32GB (better). Audio: dual speaker, surround sound (?). Microphone?. Headphone jack 3,5mm. Battery: 4700mAmp (better). Touch screen. Electromagnetic stylus. No levels pressure sensivity (?). Front light (better). OS: Android 4.4.2. (Firmware in English ?, Spanish? (wait to see what happens according to news read days before). Double- window Mode (?). Wi fi 2,4ghz. Buttons or Keys: Home, Back and turn pages forward and backwards. Price: I expect less.

    Both: Screen 10.3. Bluetooth 4.1 for keyboard and headphones. USB type-C port (I do not like to change cables, but I have read it is better connection).

    I think (I’m not sure) that there is a difference with Android 6.0 that does not allow to manage the files when connecting to the PC, but it is necessary an application and Wi-Fi connection.

    The difference in price can be a decisive factor for me.
    I am interested in a 10.3 “device that can be bought from Banggood, I have always bought it from there, and fortunately both of them sell in Banggood.
    I think the delay is which comes first for sale.
    Sony is interesting, but to buy by Amazon, or ebay, from U.S.A. to my country, it is very expensive, and costs and taxes are increased by intermediaries.

  5. It looks like being out and… So where is your about? https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/boyue-likebook-note-10-3-inch-Ebook-reader-with-wifi-BT-microphone-support-Type-C-port/32900587093.html
    Why nobody observed it yet deeply and honestly?