Amazon Kindle Oasis 2nd Gen Skins


I recently posted a review of a matte screen protector for the 2018 iPad, and while I don’t like how fuzzy it makes the screen look, I really like how the matte screen protector feels. It has sort of textured paper feel to it.

That got me thinking it would be nice if ebook readers had a similar kind of papery feel. It would make them feel more book-like than the slick, cold metal and glass that’s the style these days with devices like the Kindle Oasis 2.

Then I remembered I once had a skin for the original Kindle Touch that had a nice matte texture feel to it.

It turns out DecalGirl still sells matte/satin skins and they have a bunch of them available for the 2017 Kindle Oasis.

The $16.99 price seems kind of high to me for a skin but they’re currently having a back to school sale that takes 25% off with code BACK2SCHOOL.

It looks like iStyles sells many of the same skins as DecalGirl and they have the option to choose a matte or glossy finish.

There are some vinyl wrap skins on Amazon from MightySkins as well, but I think the vinyl would have more of a slick feel to it.

There’s also a carbon fiber skin from Skinomi at Amazon, and it probably has a nice textured feel to it but there aren’t any reviews to confirm that.

Another option, Mobile Outfitters offers premium textured skins for the Kindle Oasis. I’ve never tried any of these, however.

Gelaskins is another place that sells skins for the Kindle Oasis, but I don’t see anywhere where they specify what kind of finish they have. I tried one of their skins a long time ago and it had a glossy finish.

I’m going to get one of the matte skins from DecalGirl and see how it works. I wonder if it will interfere with the Amazon sleepcover magnet.

If you’ve tried any of these skins on the Kindle Oasis 2 let us know what you think in the comments sections.

5 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Oasis 2nd Gen Skins”

  1. I used one of Decal Girl’s skins on the first generation Oasis and really liked it – though I never used the front skin. It had a perfect section cutout for the magnets so it never seemed to interfere with the operation of the sleep cover.

  2. I have a Decal Girl skin on my Oasis 2 and am very pleased with it. I got it to give it warmth and grip and it solved both those issues nicely. Mine has a matte finish but I forget if I specifically chose that or not.

  3. Will these work with a full body slim case?

    • These are skins, so if you have the kindle in a case, can probably just put the front skin on and forget about the back.

  4. I love Decal Girl skins! I have them for my ereaders and other devices as well. The skins for the Oasis 2 are very nice, I purchased mine as soon as I could to protect the back. I love them! They fit well and have a nice texture and when you take them off, there’s never any residue! They (finally) recently started selling skins for the Aura One too! Thanks for sharing the promo code Nathan!