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Skin Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis 2 DecalGirl Skin Review – Save Your Money

A couple weeks ago I posted about skins for the Kindle Oasis 2, and I decided to order a skin from DecalGirl. I wanted to try putting a skin on the 2nd gen Kindle Oasis to see if it would help give the device more of a book-like feel instead of the cold, slick feel […]

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Amazon Kindle Oasis 2nd Gen Skins

I recently posted a review of a matte screen protector for the 2018 iPad, and while I don’t like how fuzzy it makes the screen look, I really like how the matte screen protector feels. It has sort of textured paper feel to it. That got me thinking it would be nice if ebook readers […]

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Amazon Now Offering Personalized Kindle Covers and Skins

Amazon is rolling out a new service today for Kindle accessories that enables customers to create personalized Kindle covers and skins. And the best part is it doesn’t add any additional cost. You can upload your own photographs and images to use, or select from a library of existing images and patterns, including designs made […]

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iPad with DecalGirl Skin

Review: iPad 3 DecalGirl Skin – Plus Matte vs Glossy

Earlier in the week I posted a review for a woodgrain DecalGirl skin for the Kindle Touch, and this time around I’ve got a review for a Tropical Moon skin from DecalGirl for the iPad 3. The iPad 3 skin is a lot bigger than the Kindle skin. It was a little intimidating so I […]

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Kindle Touch with Black Woodgrain Skin

Check out My New Black Woodgrain Kindle Touch

DecalGirl sent my a couple of skins to review, and one of them is a black woodgrain skin for the Kindle Touch. Click the picture above for a closer look. I wanted to make sure to put the skin on as straight as possible so I sat down and really took my time putting it […]

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Nook Tablet Dragonfly Skin

GelaSkins Nook Tablet Skin Review – Nook Tablet Skins Collection

I was doing some cleaning the other day and came across a skin for the Nook Tablet that I had received from GelaSkins some time ago but never got around to putting it on. So I decided is was a good time to skin my Nook Tablet and put together this review. I also added […]

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Sony PRS-T1 skin

GelaSkins Now Sells Matte-Finish Skins for eReaders

I received an email from GelaSkins the other day about how they now sell all their ereader skins with a velvety matte finish instead of the usual gloss finish. The matte finish helps to eliminate glare, of course, an always important factor with ebook readers. The change only affects ereader skins; all the other skins […]

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Kindle Fire Steampunk Skin

Kindle Fire Skins Have Arrived – GelaSkins Steampunk Skin Review

The Kindle Fire has been out long enough now for third-party accessories to start showing up, including skins. Two top places to get skins for the Kindle Fire are GelaSkins and DecalGirl. They both have hundreds of designs to choose from and you can even upload and create your own design with GelaSkins. Skins are […]

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