Kindle Oasis 2 DecalGirl Skin Review – Save Your Money

Kindle Oasis-blackwood

A couple weeks ago I posted about skins for the Kindle Oasis 2, and I decided to order a skin from DecalGirl.

I wanted to try putting a skin on the 2nd gen Kindle Oasis to see if it would help give the device more of a book-like feel instead of the cold, slick feel of metal and glass.

I opted for the black woodgrain skin because I didn’t want anything too distracting to the eye while reading.

Putting the skin on was a piece of cake, much easier than putting on a screen protector.

It fits the contour on the back of the Oasis well and there are cutouts for the page buttons and light sensor.

However, the skin only covers the front and back, not the sides at all.

This leads to one key problem. The edge of the skin is situated right where you put your hand, and I don’t like how it feels at all. It places a rough seam right where you hold the device the most.

I was also hoping the skin would have more of a matte texture feel. They say the skin has a matte/satin finish but it doesn’t really have a matte feel at all. It’s smooth but less slick than the metal and glass so it does help some, but it doesn’t have enough texture.

The skin does help reduce some of the cold of the aluminium back, and it does add enough texture that it doesn’t feel like the Kindle is going to slip out of your hand nearly as easily as without the skin, but the seam right on the hand is enough to make me want to rip it off and throw it in the trash. I’m going to keep it one for awhile to see if I can get used to it but my first impressions of it aren’t great. It does look cool, though.

Skin Kindle Oasis 2

Skin Kindle Oasis

12 Responses to “Kindle Oasis 2 DecalGirl Skin Review – Save Your Money”

  1. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hmm, I was thinking about one of these. It does look nice. And it’s good to know that it goes on easy.

  3. I’m sorry you aren’t happy with yours. I got one for my Oasis 2 because of the cold metal feel hich I disliked and it has helped me. I found it improved the feel in my hand even though it doesn’t wrap all the way around.

  4. I bought a DecalGirl skin for my Oasis as well. As you said, a bit dissapointing that it doesn’t cover the side. But I do like mine. I bought one of the space skins.

  5. It seems you might do better with an actual case rather than a skin.

    I use Decal Girl skins on my laptops bit for tablets, ereaders and other smaller devices I find a folio style case is better for holding on to than a skin.

  6. I think this will fit your needs best. The sole review is from me and will explain why.

    • I appreciate the recommendations but I’m the kind of person that does not like having covers on while reading. I have the short-lived Amazon cover and one of the things I like about it is how easy it is to take off while reading. I tried the Casebot case that covers the back but I just don’t like those style of cases for the Oasis because of the added thickness and weight.

  7. I have become a fan of the “Stand Cases” (I believe I have a Moko). I have one for my Paperwhite. I like it because I can easily slide it out…if I want to old it bare…but, leave it in if I need the stand feature.

  8. Hmm, it never occurred to me to get a skin from DecalGirl for any reason other than appearance of the device. I really enjoyed them for portable game consoles, but was never tempted to get one for a reader, since I prefer to focus on the text of the book. I didn’t even know they made claims about texture.

  9. I bought one, making sure that it didn’t have a directional pattern that would be upside down when you changed hands. I did make it less cold, but the clear cover over the pattern started to peel away near the page turn button. Yes, I read that much that I wore away some of the cover. After a few days of being irritated, I finally picked off the clear layer. Not as impressed as I have been with other Decal Girl skins.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear you don’t like your DecalGirl, I personally love their skins and have them for basically all electronics I own! I was disappointed though as well to see when I got mine for my Oasis 2 that it didn’t cover the sides at all but I wasn’t expecting it as none of their others do. It would be nice if someone came out with a wrap around skin or even just a clear case to put on the Oasis 2. Kind of like the one that B&N had for the glowlight plus. I have a clear case for my glowlight plus and I love it, I don’t have to hold the cold aluminum case with it & it keeps the skin I have on it looking awesome & untouched.

  11. Jeez, DecalGirl makes skins for everything…!

    I have some for some handheld game systems and a laptop. They’re not perfect, but they get the job done and they work well enough for me. They add enough splash to your device.