Likebook Mimas with 10.3″ Screen and Octacore Processor Coming Soon (Video)

Likebook Mimas

Boyue is getting set to release a new ebook reader and digital notepad called the Likebook Mimas. It’s basically an upgraded version of the Likebook Note that turned up over the summer for awhile.

With Android 6.0 and a 1.5GHz octacore processor, it’s a lot like the Likebook Mars that was released a couple months ago, but the Mimas has a larger 10.3-inch E Ink display and they added stylus support for writing on the screen.

But what’s really cool about the Likebook Mimas is the fact that it has a frontlight, with warm and cool colors.

Other 10.3-inch models like the Onyx Boox Note and Sony DPT-CP1 lack the frontlight option.

The Mimas has page buttons and a dedicated back button and home button as well.

In the YouTube description it says it has a Wacom touchscreen with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, which matches the 10.3-inch Onyx Boox Note. It also has a capacitive touchscreen for finger touch.

Early specs suggest the Likebook Mimas has 16GB of storage space and 2GB of RAM, with WiFi and Bluetooth, USB-C, a microphone, 3.5mm headphone jack, and it has a microSD card slot for expansion.

According to Boyue’s Twitter page, the Mimas is expected to get released this month in China and internationally in December.

via: MobileRead

10.3-inch Likebook Mimas eReader

9 Responses to “Likebook Mimas with 10.3″ Screen and Octacore Processor Coming Soon (Video)”

  1. I really like that it has hardware buttons for paging. Curious about this one, wish it was somewhere in the 3 hundreds.

  2. Very interesting. This device try to hace better specifications, and not the usual way of upgrade (s.o., external memory, light, Touch, pen) and not to downgrade or quit others good specifications to forced to choose between Touch and pen without light, or another changes, and buy a device with just few qualities, and the need of others. Almost like a premium. I think.

  3. Oh my. what a great rival for my BOOX Note.

  4. This is the first of this new generation of note taking devices that may actually replace my n96ml. It probably wont, but it might.

  5. Curious but why cant Amazon do something like this? Why are they so far behind on hardware technology?

    • They’ve shifted most of their focus to Alexa products instead. They don’t seem to give a rip about ereaders much anymore. We’re lucky to get any new Kindles at all at this point.

    • Maybe they don’t want to. They’re a book seller, maybe note taking devices don’t interest them.

      Why doesn’t Kobo make a note taking device? Why doesn’t Sony make readers?
      Why isn’t Samsung in the e-ink space?
      Other equally pointless questions.

      If the product you want exists, why tag on the giant in the room for not making it?

      Do you really want Amazon to own EVERYTHING?

      • Sony does make e-readers. The questions are not pointless and have to do with market-share and price-point economics. Samsung has definitely thought about e-readers but has no incentive as their tablets and phones already dominate the market.

        • Sony only makes professional devices today. They used to make e-readers as well. Everything else you said kings of makes my point. Samsung has no good reason to make an e-reader. Amazon has no reason to make a 10″ note taking device. For one that market it’s already kind of saturated. Kindle and Kobo are the best at what they do, to make a note taking device would require their device to be something completely different.

          I didn’t complain Amazon didn’t make a giant inconvenient ereader that can I could write on. When i needed something like that, I bought it from Onyx Boox.