Is the Entry-Level Kindle Being Replaced or Phased Out?

2016 Kindle

With the recent clearance sale on the entry-level Kindle, it’s now sold out and Amazon is only selling it as refurbished and used. New Kindles are listed as “currently unavailable” without an expected restocking date.

Usually when Amazon does this sort of thing it means the Kindle model is on the way out. They’ll probably get more in stock eventually but it’s pretty clear from the sudden sale with record low prices that they were clearing out remaining stock.

So the big question is will Amazon replace it with a new model or will they phase it out instead?

Hopefully it won’t just disappear without a replacement like the Kindle Voyage last year.

With the new Kindle Paperwhite 4 frequently going on sale for $99, sometimes less, maybe they’ll just decide to go with it and the Oasis.

At $79, the entry-level model doesn’t make much sense in its current state because the Paperwhite is a much better value with the added features, especially the frontlight.

The entry-level model either needs to get a lower price or some upgraded features to help make it a realistic alternative to the Paperwhite.

I still think Amazon should release a smaller pocket-sized Kindle with a 4.3″ or 5″ screen and make it the entry-level model. That would make it different enough from the Paperwhite so that both models aren’t stepping on each other’s toes features-wise.

But it’s hard to tell with Amazon these days. Their new Kindle models have been unpredictable. Half the time they just take an existing Kindle and stick it in a new frame and called it the “all-new Kindle”.

The current entry-level Kindle was released in 2016 and it was basically just a redesign of the previous model that was released in 2014, with the same exact specs plus Bluetooth for audiobooks. It’s hard telling what Amazon will do with the next new model. If there is a new model…

16 Responses to “Is the Entry-Level Kindle Being Replaced or Phased Out?”

  1. I doubt that Amazon is going down to two models. They could:
    – make a slight upgrade to the basic Kindle
    – introduce an all new model between the Paperwhite and Oasis
    – introduce a Kindle larger than the Oasis

  2. A non-lit basic Kindle with an IR screen and 300ppi would be nice.

  3. A 10.3″ front light Kindle at a reasonable price would be great. Just a basic ereader without all the bells and whistles (stylus, etc.)Just an ereader to read books with additional screen landscape.

    • Sounds like a great idea. I had the basic Kindle for about 4 years & loved it, but upgraded to the Paperwhite about 2-3 years ago & love it – non-glare screen & so easy to use. Paid a bit more for each one to not have the ads which is so worth it. Just really enjoy the Kindle. Sure hope it is not totally put to rest.

  4. Well I got a kindle 7 last july and I havent been able to charge it for 2 months. So bfore they come out with new ones the need to fix the problems with the ones they are selling cheap.

  5. Didn’t they already replace the basic model with the only-slightly-better contrast and sharpness of the so-called PW4?


  6. 3 of my Kindles stopped working all of a sudden at the same time. My reader still worked. I got a refurbished one for my Kindle 10…which is slow. Got 15% discount for the other 2.
    I just can’t believe all three of my kindles stopped working at the same time!

  7. How long does the original one work? Is it still available and where can you purchase one

  8. I don’t think there’s a place for smaller Kindles. It a pocket size Kindle would be like an smartphone, the current Kindles already fight with smartphones in screen size. I think they should get bigger or go home (at a reasonable price).

  9. There is a new one-

  10. Can exchange kindle 2016 to 2019 is under warranty.