New 10.3″ Likebook Alita Getting Released Soon (Videos)

Likebook Alita

Likebook is getting set to release a new 10.3-inch Android-powered ebook reader and digital notepad called the Likebook Alita.

The design looks strikingly similar to the Onyx Boox Note Pro. Their shameless copying of Onyx is starting to get kind of creepy. Half their software features were taken from Onyx’s software and now their hardware is a near replica too.

They released the Likebook Note for about a month last year and then decided to move onto the Likebook Mimas, and now a couple months later they’re already coming out with yet another 10.3-inch model with the Likebook Alita?

What’s the deal with releasing three separate 10.3-inch models in less than one year?

Frankly Likebook needs to get their software problems fixed before releasing yet another model.

Nevertheless, the Likebook Alita looks like it could be a nice device if they get the numerous software problems that afflict the Likebook Mimas worked out.

It’s basically an upgraded version of the Mimas with a flush glass screen and double the storage space and RAM with 32GB and 4GB.

Like the Mimas, it has a 10.3-inch E Ink screen with 227 ppi and it has a frontlight with adjustable color temperature. It has a Wacom touchscreen, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot for cards up to 128 GB, an octo-core CPU, and a USB-C port.

After being thoroughly annoyed by the Likebook Mimas’s software, and having just reviewed the Likebook Muses the month before, there’s no way I’m going to review the Likebook Alita, so here are a few YouTube videos showing the Likebook Alita in action for those interested (personally I’d recommend the Onyx Note Pro over it because the software is better but it’s good to have choices and the Alita does add a memory card slot).

Likebook Alita Video 1

Likebook Alita Video 2

Likebook Alita Video 3

8 Responses to “New 10.3″ Likebook Alita Getting Released Soon (Videos)”

  1. Thank you for this information. Alita hace good specs. A low Price than Onix note book pro. If you recommend it’s important.

  2. When is it coming out

  3. If it’s the same crapy software as the Mimas one, this doesn’t worth the money. Better use the original tablet (the Onyx Boox Pro) rather than the awful copy from Likebook. Very disappointed by the software updates on the Mimas, I’m so much regretting my purchase.

  4. Likebook has not yet managed to fix the BUGs on the Likebook@MIMAS, and will release the new NOTE@ALITA?

  5. I’m confused by this software review of boyue devices.
    There’s much dislike for likebook software on this website, including in the comments.
    Though the guys at goodereader give the alita a stellar review, because of customization options in the reader app, and excellent handwriting recognition. I was surprised by how positive.
    So does the alita infact have new software? Do help me out.

    • The reason they give such positive reviews is because they sell Likebooks from their store. Never trust reviewers that sell the products they review. I’m surprised more people don’t notice the conflict of interest.