Will Amazon Ever Release Another Kindle Like the Kindle Voyage?

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You’d be surprised by how many people still consider the Kindle Voyage, which was released back in 2014, the gold standard when it comes to Kindles.

The unusual design of the Kindle Oasis puts off some people, and the poor battery life complaints don’t help its cause either.

That’s why some people are frustrated with the new Kindle Oasis having the same design as the last one.

A lot of people prefer the Kindle Voyage’s more traditional design, with the smaller overall size and page buttons on both sides of the screen instead of on just one side of the screen.

But the thing about the Kindle Voyage that gets the most praise is its screen.

It has the best contrast of any Kindle released thus far. Something about the micro-etched glass screen makes the text darker and stand out more than current Kindle screens—it’s comparable to ebook readers with infrared touchscreens with no added layers over the E Ink.

According to early reports, the new Kindle Oasis has an upgraded E Ink screen, but it appears to be a speed improvement only, as there’s no mention of any contrast enhancement.

Unfortunately the Kindle Voyage wasn’t perfect. It had issues with frontlight uniformity and colored hues, possibly an unintended side effect of its micro-etched glass screen.

The newer Kindles have more storage space, audiobook support, waterproofing, better frontlights, but there was something about the Kindle Voyage—its superior screen, its streamlined, premium design—that the new Kindles can’t match.

It makes you wonder if Amazon will ever release another Kindle like the Kindle Voyage.

34 Responses to “Will Amazon Ever Release Another Kindle Like the Kindle Voyage?”

  1. I really hope they do!
    The new Oasis was a huge letdown to me as it did not do away with any of the complaints I had about the 2017 model. The case feels terrible to hold in Winter and the battery life out of the box is poorer than my several year old Voyage. I like the warm like but the package isn’t great.

  2. I own both the Voyage and the Oasis.
    The screen is much better on the Voyage but the page turn “bars” on the side are terrible.
    If they gave the Voyage the Oasis page turn buttons and memory it would have been the perfect E-reader.

    • One can like the PagePress buttons with haptic in Voyage or can’t. But using it in an e-book reader is revolutionary. Small space does it require, and the lifetime of it is much longer than normal buttons. Also, no clicking sound, which can be good when somebody tries to fall asleep right next to you.

      By the way, my answer of the question in the title is simply a sad “no”.

  3. They probably won’t because of the three tiered thing, but the new temperature adjustable frontlight shows Amazon won’t ignore their fans forever. My concern though is there is no way a new Voyage does not cannibalize both Oasis and Paperwhite sales unless it costs as much as the Oasis. The Paperwhite is the moneymaker and the Oasis probably costs enough to make up easily for the increase in manufacturing cost. I think another $200 Voyage would be too low margin for Amazon right now.

  4. I got a refurbished Voyage last year and I LOVE IT. There is “something” about the screen. Thankfully mine doesn’t have any of the issues listed (maybe because it was refurbished?). I actually read a lot more than I did with my paperwhite. I hope it lasts a looong time.

  5. I love the Voyage so much that I bought a backup. The screen contrast is superior to any ereader. I would love a new Voyage.

  6. amazon should let us vote, to next device

  7. Great article, I feel like you’re speaking to me. I don’t think any Kindle will ever match the Voyage, even if they do release a larger Voyage I don’t think Amazon will be able to match the clarity and beauty of the screen. In my opinion the Voyage was the last premium Kindle that Amazon built, much more so than the Oasis. It was the first device with 300 ppi and a premium design with page sensors. A time when Amazon was innovative and leading the way with eReaders. Amazon has definitely lost its edge since 2014 and got lazy. Now they just simply react to current trends and put out fires. They simply copy what everyone else is doing years after the fact.
    Aside from the very limiting font sizes and margins, I like the Kindle software and their bookstore is the best BUT they are seriously lacking and way behind on hardware. I don’t see a larger Kindle being released for at least another two years. The latest paperwhite took 3 years to be upgraded and it was a very lazy effort. The new Oasis is another lazy effort. It just seems like the Kindle team isn’t in a hurry and doesn’t care much. We’ll see.

  8. The Voyage was the first Kindle released that had the design, features, and specifications required for me to consider a purchase. It was my first and only Kindle buy to-date, and I’ve no intention of upgrading until there is a worthy successor. The Oasis appears a fine contender, but for the previously noted contrast difference due to glass screen, and the physical page turn buttons (prefer the elegant, flush, Voyage buttons). Amazon, if you’re listening, please bring these features back to your ereaders.

  9. I own the Oasis and like it, particularly for the larger screen, it’s really awkward to hold though, I really don’t like the design. Still, the Voyage is my favorite Kindle ever. My dream would be a waterproof 7 inch (or 7.8) voyage.

    • A 7.8″ Voyage would be awesome!

      • A color temperature controlled Voyage at about 8″ would be good. I own a Voyage, Oasis2 and a Kobo Forma and although the contrast is highest on my Voyage the other devices have some advantages IMO. The Oasis screen lighting is the most even. The Forma light temperature control, size and overall page layout make it my new favorite to read on…although the lighting is uneven(brighter).
        Question, Nathan…do any other readers beside Kindles have the ability to search through the entire, on device, library (not just in one title)for keywords or short word combinations…my Kobo does not seem to be able to do it???

      • I really prefer smaller e-readers. There are lots of big e-readers. But as far as I know, there’s not an 5 inches device anymore. I have Kobo Aura H2O and Kindle Oasis 2, and I don’t like them. I think they are too big.

        • I like small ereaders too. I was charging my Sony PRS-350 today and I was thinking I can’t believe nothing better has come along in a small form factor, especially considering it was released back in 2010!

          • I have the same Sony in my drawer. It is in perfect condition, in a case with light. A museum piece 🙂

  10. At the same time, they released the Fire HD 8.9 (4th generation). Similarly, it is the best Fire tablet Amazon ever released. The dynamic light feature in the Kindle app is excellent – I don’t know why they didn’t keep the feature. I think Amazon devices peaked late 2014 and then the focus shifted to Alexa powered smart devices.

  11. It’s funny, the Voyage was my first Kindle and I HATED the page turn buttons and felt it was uncomfortable to use one-handed. The only thing I really liked was the Origami Cover. I traded in the Voyage for a discount on the first gen Oasis, which I loved until it was stolen. It was super lightweight, comfortable one handed and had real buttons. I find the 2nd gen also comfortable, especially without a cover, but I recognize it’s an unconventional form and is less comfortable one handed than the Oasis. But I do like the Amazon standing cover, which was the only Voyage feature I missed on the Oasis 1. It’s enough reason for me to not update to gen 3, since they’ve taken out the magnets for the magnetic cover connection.

  12. If Amazon would release an exact carbon copy of the Voyage with an 8 inch screen and physical buttons with comfort light while keeping the same contrast, then there would be no need to purchase another Kindle for at least 5-7 years. The case would seriously be closed and we could all sleep better at night.

    • Nan (A Huge Kindle Fan) Reply October 14, 2019 at 5:22 pm


      You answered your own question (LOL):

      “ … there would be no need to purchase another Kindle for at least 5-7 years.”

      A Huge Kindle Fan

  13. The Voyage has the best contrast on the ereaders I’ve seen but the Oasis 2 is only slightly worse than the Voyage. The difference is so subtle that I highly disagree with everyone above talking like it is night and day.

    But the page press sensors are awful, the form factor was way too much thin and small slick tablet look and not like an ereader and it was not a pleasure to hold the Voyage.

    If you look at enough reviews you’ll see that the Voyage was overpriced for what it was. Though I get that some of you really like it.

    Now the Oasis 2 might actually be worse. I really hate that asymmetric form factor, it is uncomfortable for me. I hate the hard edges. I hate the sheer width that makes it unpocketable.

    I really don’t think that Amazon is delivering quality premium products. The Paperwhite (all generations) is more aesthetically pleasing and offers the same experience as the premium readers.

    • I personally think the Kobo Glo HD thus far is the best eReader ever made from a screen perspective. Nothing can match it’s white background and contrast with super crisp razor sharp inky pitch black fonts. Seriously the text on it is absolutely gorgeous, even better than the Voyage. Add some patches to include weight adjustment on Bookerly and forget it, “Game Over”. Seriously, try it! To me it’s easier in the eyes because the text seems like its just floating in the screen. It also helps that Kobo has tons of lighting increments to find that perfect spot.
      The beauty of the Glo HD is that you can also update the memory card with a few clicks. I’m literally rocking a 128gb Samsung U3 memory card on it and its super zippy. The form factor is perfect also. Not even the Clara HD or Aura One can match it’s clarity. Only the H2O original comes close.

      • Yes I miss it! I used to own the Glo HD but it broke. Stopped being able to hold a charge. I guess I should have tried to replace the battery myself.

  14. I actually like the form factor of the Paperwhite 3 with the indented screen and paper-like texture of the screen. I’m not a fan of flush bezels because of glare and it feels like reading on a tablet. I would love to see a 7 or 7.8” Paperwhite 3 model. Nothing fancy, no light temperature adjustment, no buttons, no bluetooth, etc.

  15. I’m Reading Moby-Dick Reply June 29, 2019 at 11:15 am

    The main reason I want the traditional form factor is it fits my jean pockets. It’s about at the max, but it’s not “barely”, my Voyage, which isn’t in the sveltest of cases, is comfortable enough to forget I have it in my pocket, at least until I sit down, so that’s perfect.

    I love my Voyage, but I’d sure like the buttons to work in landscape mode. Do the buttons on the Oasises work in landscape? It seems impossible to get Amazon to do anything, feedback gets squelched out by the massive bureaucracy, maybe. The other thing that’s almost annoying about the Voyage is it doesn’t support white text on a black background mode (chalkboard mode?) I wonder why. It seems like the Voyage has been intentionally deprived of (or saved from?) the feature.

    As far as the color gradient, rainbow/RGB is very popular these days. I’m just waiting (expecting, not wanting) for someone to come out with the ability to apply a custom color gradient to the front light. It could have practical value, actually – to aid people with vision/reading problems in avoiding rereading lines.

    What I like about my Kindle is that it’s useless… except when it comes to books. So, I can leave my smart watch & my phone & computer, put them in do not disturb (when will companies make an ai (Siri?) call screener that says something like, “Mr. X is busy. Is this a pressing matter?” & takes a voice response?) & just sit and read. It’s possible to achieve the same with an old/cheap/used phone/tablet (if your wifi passwords are too long to keep memorized, that way you can’t easily connect), just install your ebooks, nothing else. What if food was like phones? Your basic healthy salad could be a chocolate bar if you just changed the settings. How many people would eat the salad?

    I use my kindle in the bathtub. Risky? Not very, I put it in a double seal ziplock baggie (name brand, can’t have leaks, and it has to be replaced a couple of times per year). I don’t drop it into the water, but I happen to know that those baggies are good enough (I have submersed a non- water resistant phone in one on many occasions (to photograph water bubbles, silly)). And, yes, the touchscreen works just fine, through the plastic. Needless to say, the waterproofing of the Oasis 2 wasn’t enough to get me to buy one (obviously, the Oasis display is superior to the Voyage, when the Voyage is in a baggie – I just don’t swim or soak in the tub enough to warrant the upgrade. I bet most people don’t go to the beach/pool enough to justify the feature).

    Also, does anybody know why Amazon doesn’t port Amazon Silk to eink kindles? I don’t want it on mine, but it seems strange they haven’t. It seems perfectly suited to Kindle use.

    • There’s a lot here, but there is a question I can answer.

      Yes, the buttons work in landscape mode on the Oasis.

  16. Hopefully they make another Kindle Voyage. This has been my favorite kindle they have made to date. The haptic buttons on both sides of the device are my favorite feature. In winter I can read while wearing my gloves. The fonts are so clear I can read without my glasses at night before bedtime. I don’t like the onscreen page turn function of the paperweight, or the look or feel of the Oasis (so unbalanced). Add better battery life and book storage to the voyage, the ability to listen to audio books, If they must increase the size to 7″. If they did those things, I would be first in line to buy, otherwise I will keep the voyage I have while Amazon upgrades the paperweight and oasis endlessly. I admit when I saw they might upgrade the voyage I was overjoyed to see on an ereader blog that there might be an upgraded voyage forthcoming in late spring early summer. After ghosting the Amazon site hoping for one for months as I saved up. I have to admit I believe they have let voyage users down yet again.

  17. Name (required) Reply July 1, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    Carol Price, I do not the browsers on this brand new kindle that I received on Mother’s Day.Everyone always told me there was nothing better!!!! Well I M here to tell you I loved my NOOK HD better. I had 3 different ones and they all were fantastic. I wore all of them out. I could use all of them as ereaders,but books,join the Barnes and Nole BOOK club,but and watch videos, browse on the internet,etc.I WAS very happy.

  18. I never owned a Voyage, but want one. I am holding out to see if they ever release a new one, but I don’t think they will. I don’t want to buy an older or refurbished model since it will keep losing support over time as an older, and not updated device.

  19. If you’re not worried about the new features I don’t see why lack of support would be an issue. My DX was 4 generations out of support when I sold it, and everything worked just fine even the 3g wireless. With that in mind I picked up a first gen Paperwhite for a friend so he could have access to my computer programming and security/hacking library.

  20. I sold my Voyage last year to buy an Oasis 2. Biggest mistake ever. After selling my Oasis and buying a Paperwhite 4 I figured this was as good as it gets.
    But now I bought a refurbished Voyage again and I now see how much better the screen is than the Paperwhite. The contrast makes it looks like the words are lying on top of the screen. It’s absolutely wonderful.

    If a Voyage 2 ever comes out all I want is that the screen lighting is better since I have a slight yellowish part at the top right now.

    So I don’t care about all the extras, I just want a perfect screen with the same contrast as the current Voyage.