Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Voyage Comparison (Video)

Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Voyage

Released in 2014, the Kindle Voyage was Amazon’s first “premium” Kindle, with more features and a higher-end feel than the less expensive Kindle Paperwhite that sold along side it.

The Kindle Voyage has since been replaced by the Kindle Oasis as Amazon’s premium model. Amazon has released three different versions of the Kindle Oasis since 2016, and they never have released a second generation model of the Voyage.

Despite that, the Kindle Voyage still has a loyal following to this day.

It has gained sort of a mythical quality because of its super clear screen, which still has better contrast of any Kindle past or present.

Whenever a new Kindle gets released, people want to know if the screen is as good as the Voyage’s. The answer is always no. For whatever reason the front glass layer they used on the Voyage had a clearer quality to it than the layers they are currently using on the Oasis and the Paperwhite.

The Kindle Voyage wasn’t perfect, however. As good as the screen was, the frontlight had some flaws. Some are pretty good, like the one shown in the video below, but others had weird colors and uneven lighting.

The Kindle Oasis has a much nicer frontlight, especially with the new warm color feature. But just like before with the other Oasis models, the Voyage has slightly darker text and a whiter background.

It’s not a big difference but it makes it seem like the Voyage has a higher resolution screen, when in fact both have 300 ppi E Ink Carta screens. The difference is more apparent in bright light outdoors. I tried showing this in the video but it doesn’t show up as well as it does in person.

I can see why some people still prefer the Voyage, especially with the smaller, more pocketable design than the wider, more unusual design of the Kindle Oasis. It’s a shame Amazon hasn’t released another premium 6-inch Kindle.

For the most part all the main reading features are the same between all the Kindles released in the past 6 years, but the Oasis has a couple of the newer features that Amazon hasn’t added to the older models, like inverted mode and the ability to turn off the touchscreen.

Here’s a list of the main differences with the Kindle Oasis compared to the Kindle Voyage.

Kindle Oasis Features


Aluminum back.

Larger 7-inch E Ink screen.

Frontlight with adjustable color temperature.

More storage space with 8GB and 32GB options.

Bluetooth support for audiobooks and a VoiceView screen reader (text-to-speech).

The Oasis has physical page buttons instead of sensor buttons with haptic feedback.

Rotation sensor to switch between right and left hand.

Inverted mode for reading with white text on a black background.

You can disable the touchscreen to avoid accidental presses.

There’s a large display mode to increase the size of text and images on the screen.

Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Voyage Video

10 Responses to “Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Voyage Comparison (Video)”

  1. Even on video the difference is shocking. The Voyage beats the Oasis hands down. Im not the biggest Amazon fan due to their lack of respectable font sizes, margins and line spacing but I’ll never sell my Voyage.
    The Oasis 2 for me was a flop and I didn’t even bother with the 3 since you mentioned the screen is virtually the same aside from comfort light. If only Amazon can get their act together with their font sizes, I’d convert back.
    A larger Voyage with the same quality and updating lighting would probably be the last eReader I’d buy. It would be perfect. Nice review.

  2. i can definitely see the difference in your video. i would prefer the voyage over the oasis if in the market for a kindle. about the only improvement the oasis offers is the warm light from what i can tell.

    • The 7 inch screen does make a big difference and I prefer it over a 6 inch but yes, the Voyage screen clarity is completely on another level. I think once you get used to the voyage it’s hard to try any other Kindle. In fact I always end up selling all my Kindles and sticking to the Voyage. No kindle comes remotely close to it.

    • Having text to speak and the 7″ screen is nice. I had the 2nd gen Oasis and the Voyage at the same time and ended selling the Voyage due to under-utilization. That was ultimately a bad decision because I ended up needing both a loaner to share books and a backup for a hot car.

      That Voyage screen though, beautiful. I don’t understand why Amazon can’t or won’t recreate it for the Oasis. Even the first gen was worse, and one would imagine they’d be the same since they were the same size and both premium.

  3. I do not understand why you spend more for the Oasis than just a regular kindle hd. In fact I purchased the newest kindle, and I am still on my old kindle as it is smaller. I purchased the same size for the newer one and it is not the same size. I have a hard time reading on the newer one. But to spend so much on the Oasis and it does the same and you have more features on the kindle hd, which costs less, I do not understand why anyone spends so much more.

    • What is a Kindle HD? A Fire Tablet? If that is what you are talking about, its because most people on this site don’t care for reading from an LCD screen.

  4. Just got the latest Kindle Oasis and just love it. I was looking for.a good deal on the version 2, but came across a 20 off coupon on the non-tax weekend, so I just grabbed the newest for 229 total.

    The screen is fantastic. Thought it would be better than my inkbook for reading graphic novels, due to the size, but it still feels a little cramped. Yet, that’s about my only complaint. So light, fast, simple interface, great screen, even lighting and the warmth feature helps my eyes reading at night.

    My wife has the Kindle Paperwhite (2016 model, I think) and she’s a bigger reader than I am. I offered to get her the Oasis, but she doesn’t like design (mostly the wide side with the page buttons). I really wish the Voyager had water resistance, as that would have been perfect. Waiting for Amazon to upgrade the Paperwhite with a warmth setting now.

  5. I read about 400 to 500 books a year. A good e-reader is VERY important to me.
    And the one thing I’m always amazed at in almost ALL the comparison reviews, is how little people pay attention to the clearness and constrast of the letters on the screen.
    That is the most important thing to me. I don’t care about the new orange lights, or the other extras. I just want a perfect screen to read.
    That’s why I’m still waiting for that Voyage 2. But so far it looks like I’m never getting rid of my current Voyage. No other e-reader comes close.
    Why aren’t more companies trying to make the perfect screen? All the e-readers have some flaw with the screen. That might be okay for most people, but not for obsessive readers like me.

    • I do most of my reading in low light at night or early in the morning, so for me the orange light is more important. The Nook Glowlight 3 has a screen as good as the Voyage’s and temperature adjustable Glowlight but has other issues that make it badly suited to my uses. Maybe when I am finished with school it will see more use.

      • I’ve actually pre-ordered a Kobo Libra because yes, I do see the advantages of the comfort lights. But I’m afraid even this screen won’t hold up to my Voyage.

        I wish all e-reader screens would be as crisp as the Voyage’s is, that way I can just decide based on the options a device has.