Nice to Finally Have More Screen Size Options on eBook Readers


In recent years there have been a number of ebook readers with larger screens becoming available, everything from 7-inches to 13.3-inches.

For a long time ebook readers with 6-inch screens dominated the market. Up until a few years ago there were very few options for ebook readers with screens other than 6-inches.

Kobo was one of the first to embrace the idea of larger screens when they first released the 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One in 2016. Since then they’ve released the 8-inch Kobo Forma and the 7-inch Kobo Libra.

Earlier this year Barnes and Noble released the first Nook to have a 7.8-inch screen with the Glowlight Plus. Up until then all E Ink Nooks have had 6-inch screens only.

Amazon finally released a 7-inch Kindle in 2017 with the 2nd gen Kindle Oasis after seven years of only releasing 6-inch Kindles. I still think they really need to add a 10-inch model like the old Kindle DX but that has yet to happen.

Onyx has several larger ereaders available from 7.8-inches to 13.3-inches with the Nova, Note, and Max models.

Boyue has the 7.8-inch Likebook Mars and the 10.3-inch Likebook Mimas and Alita. Pocketbook has the InkPad 3. Even Sony got back into the game with their 10.3-inch and 13.3-inch Digital Paper Devices.

I still think there would be a market for smaller pocketable ereaders too with 4″-5″ screens, but smaller ebook readers are almost non-existent in 2019. There are a few phones with smaller E Ink screens but there haven’t been any ebook readers with smaller screens since the Kobo Mini was released way back in 2012.

But at least there’s finally a variety of ebook readers with larger screen sizes. Hopefully that trend continues. Check out this earlier video for a screen size comparison if you’d like to see how the different screens compare.

5 Responses to “Nice to Finally Have More Screen Size Options on eBook Readers”

  1. It is good to finally have choices in size. A larger size option got me to finally venture out of the Kindle ecosystem. I still like much of Kindle’s software and will probably instantly buy an Oasis DX size(9.7 or 10″), even 8 or 9″ device.

  2. It would be nice to have pocket ereader with minimal side bezels. Something like a 7inch ereader which can be placed in the pockets of any trousers would sell like hot cakes.

    It’d be very practical to slip it in and out of your pocket, instead of having to carry a dedicated pouch for it.

    Bonus points if it supports pen input for note-taking.

  3. I agree with the need for a small screen model. I bought a Kobo mini when they were being discontinued and it is always in one of my pockets affording me an opportunity to read whenever and wherever I have downtime.

  4. I’m still looking forward to a 14.3″ or larger screen than can show true A4 at 100%. Sheet music is the main reason for me, classical piano needs all the room it can get!

    Likewise reading comics (esp French bandes-dessinees) laid out on a large format page is screaming for a larger tablet and colour e-ink.

    • 13.3″ looks normal on a laptop screen, but it looks huge on an erader. I don’t think the Onyx Box Max or 13″ Sony would disappoint you.