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Copia on iPad

Copia’s eBook Social Network Goes Live; Copia eReaders Scrapped

It’s finally happened. They’ve been talking about it all year long, giving numerous release dates that pass by without a word, advertising several ereaders and then changing to different ereaders halfway through the year, marketing a $99 color ereader on several major websites and then disappearing from sight. (more…)

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Copia eReaders and Copia Tablet

The Copia Tablet and 4 New eReaders from Copia: Specs, Pricing, and Pics

There’s going to be a lot of news about the new Copia eReaders, the Copia Tablet, and the Copia Marketplace in the coming weeks and months, so let’s get things started with a first look at the preliminary specs and prices on the 5 new devices set to launch this fall. The folks at Copia […]

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Copia Coming in July?

According to this press release, the Senior Vice President of Copia Interactive, Anthony Antolino, will be speaking at the Connected World Conference on Thursday, June 17 in Chicago, IL. Copia is a new digital content delivery platform for newspapers, magazines, and ebooks with a focus on social networking. Copia was expected to release their new […]

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