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iRiver Story Touch Edition

iRiver Cover Story Touch Edition

While some ebook reader companies are calling it quits in light of the heated competition and price wars, iRiver (it’s supposed to be a lowercase R, but I’m a rebel) continues to advance their ereader product line. Just recently iRiver announced the new iRiver Cover Story with WiFi that connects directly to the WHSmith ebook […]

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iriver Story WiFi

New iRiver Story WiFi up for Pre Order

Just happened to check this morning and the new iRiver Story with WiFi is up for pre-order on WHSmith in the UK, with a release date of July 28th, 2010. When the new WiFi Story was first announced last week, the price was listed at £250, and a lot of folks grumbled about the £100 […]

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iRiver Story WiFi

New iRiver Story With WiFi Coming to the UK

Buried at the bottom of pages and pages of news articles about the launch of the Borders ebook store, there’s one single article with a press release that reveals an interesting story. As it turns out, there’s a new iRiver Story with WiFi coming to the UK “soon”. It will sell from WHSmith and will […]

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