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How to Backup, Restore and Factory Reset Amazon Fire Tablets

An important but often overlooked feature on Amazon’s line of Fire tablets is the ability to create daily automatic backups so that you can restore your data in case your Fire tablet is ever lost or damaged, or if you need to perform a factory reset for some reason or another. The backup feature saves […]

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Amazon Should Release a Reader’s Edition Tablet With a Liquavista Display

Last month Amazon announced the release of the Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition Tablet, their most misleading product release yet. On the surface it sounds like a really good idea, but then upon closer examination all it is is a marketing ploy for a Fire HD 8 bundle with an overpriced cover and a year-long […]

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$49 Fire Tablet

How to Get a $50 Fire Tablet Before Christmas

Amazon’s new $49 Fire tablet has proven to be a very popular item this year. It has been out of stock at Amazon all December. They sold out of them on Black Friday weekend when they had them on sale for $35. Amazon doesn’t reveal sales figures; they just say they’ve sold “millions” of Fire […]

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LG Optimus Exceed 2

LG Optimus Exceed 2, a Bargain eReader and Media Player for $12

Over at Amazon the LG Optimus Exceed 2 smartphone is on sale for $11.99. It usually sells for cheap but this is taking it to a new level of affordability. It’s a Verizon prepaid phone but you can bypass activation with Verizon and just use the phone over WiFi as a portable media device for […]

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Kindle Fire Blue Shade

New Software Update 5.1.1 for 2015 Fire Tablets adds Blue Shade Feature

Amazon has released a new software update for their 5th gen Fire tablets, including the $50 entry-level Fire, the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10. The Fire HD 6 should be getting the update as well. It doesn’t look like any of the previous Fire Tablets will be getting updated to Fire OS 5, […]

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Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition Tablet

Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition Tablet Released

Today Amazon announced a new addition to their tablet lineup (kind of) with the release of the Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition. It’s available for “pre-order” today for $249 and it starts shipping in two days on December 9th. Amazon’s marketing is trying to be clever with this one but I’m not sure if it’s […]

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MJS Tablet

MJS 7″ Android 5.1 Tablet for $35 at Best Buy

This past week Amazon had their entry-level Fire tablet on sale for $35, but they sold out and now the price went back up to the regular $50. That deal is gone, but Best Buy has a new very similar tablet on sale for $35. It’s the MJS 7-inch tablet. Like the 2015 Fire, the […]

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Fire Tablets Bundle

Amazon Adds New Fire Tablet Bundles for Increased Savings

Yesterday Amazon introduced three new bundle packages for the $49 Fire tablet. They are a good way to save extra money for those planning on buying accessories like covers and memory cards to go along with their Fire tablet purchase. The cover included in the bundle deals is the NuPro Fire Slim Standing Case. Currently […]

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