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eBook Fonts

What is Your Favorite eBook Font?

One of the great benefits of reading ebooks over paper books is the amount of control you have over the most important part of a book: the text. You can adjust how small or large it is, and depending on the reading device or app you use, you can often change font type, font weight, […]

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Basic Kindle Standoff

The eBook Reader with the Darkest, Boldest Fonts is…

The latest $69 basic Kindle. Surprising, eh? The cheapest ebook reader on the market is the one with the darkest and boldest fonts. It’s not even a close contest, either. It wins hands-down. You’d think that the Kindle Paperwhite with its higher resolution screen would be better. But it’s not. Fonts are thinner and sharper […]

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Kindle Paperwhite Custom Fonts

How to Easily Add Custom Fonts to Kindle Paperwhite – No Hacks

So I was doing some reading on my Kindle Paperwhite last night and started to wonder if there was an easy way to add additional font choices to the list without jailbreaking and hacking. As it turns out, there is an easy way to add custom fonts to the Kindle Paperwhite. Basically all you need […]

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Kindle Custom Fonts

Kindle eReaders: How to Use Custom Fonts for All Kindle eBooks – No Hacks

There’s a simple trick to change the default font type to use custom fonts across all ebooks for Kindle devices (except the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire). You can customize line spacing, margins, and justification as well. And this includes both DRM protected ebooks and ebooks without DRM. The Kindle does not need to be […]

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A List of eBook Readers and Their Font Choices

Here’s a list ebook readers and the font styles each one offers. Now that ebooks have arrived to supplement paper books, it’s not enough to have just one font choice when sitting down to read. Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to fonts, so having choices is definitely a good thing. Plus having […]

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