Kobo Touch On Sale for $99 + $25 Gift Card; Kobo eBook Discount Codes

Kobo Touch

Wow, the deals just keep rolling in. Today I found the Kobo Touch listed on HSN for $99, and it even comes with a $25 gift card for purchasing ebooks from Kobo.com. It’s the regular Kobo too, not the ad-supported one.

The deal is listed as an “Event Price”, and doesn’t specify how long it lasts. The Kobo Touch normally sells for $129, so that’s $30 off the retail price plus you get $25 worth of ebooks. Not bad. HSN also offers the option of three payments of $33.

The Kobo Touch has a 6-inch E Ink Pearl screen with infrared touch, 1GB of usable memory, an SD card slot, web browser, notes, highlights, bookmarks, partial page refresh, dictionary look up, social network sharing, reading awards, and it supports Adobe DRM for ePub and PDF as well HTML, TXT, RTF, CBZ, CBR, MOBI, and PRC formats.

Kobo has updated the firmware many times since I reviewed the Kobo Touch back in June after it was first released, adding a number of new features. One of the cooler features is the ability to add additional fonts types.

Kobo eBook Discount Codes

While we’re on the topic of Kobo, here are a couple of new ebook discount codes for non-agency ebooks from Kobobooks.com that have shown up since the last discount codes post:

Get 35% off with code save351xus – Expires December 11th.

Get 30% off with code dec9offer30us – Expires December 11th.

Tip: People at MobileRead report that you can often switch out the “us” in the codes for “row”, “au”, and “uk” to use the discount offers again.

7 Responses to “Kobo Touch On Sale for $99 + $25 Gift Card; Kobo eBook Discount Codes”

  1. Kobo Touch deal above again is from US. Canadian residents can ignore it.

  2. With so many digital ebook readers on market at so many different price ranges, i wonder if people even use them to read any books or may be these readers just stay still in their gadget shelves.

  3. Good question. I get to read for about an hour or so a day in between doing other things. One can learn to speed read with time, specially fiction. Then, one can read quite a few pages. It gets better with time. Also, one needs to get used to eReader and transition from regular books to eReader. So, this is a start for society itself and will get better with time.

  4. Here is a Kobo offer I got:

    Get a Kobo Touch eReader plus a leather cover!
    Only $169.98! Reg. $179.99

    Hurry! Pick up this great gift item as quantities are limited

    Too late to ship a gift? Don’twant to fight the mall crowds?

    Gift any Kobo eBook to friends & family anywhere in North America.
    Watch the video and find out how

    Gift an eBook & Get a chance to Win!Any eBook purchased or gifted before Dec 13 this an
    entry to Kobo’s Treat Yourself Contest.
    You could win 1 of 221 Prepaid credit cards.
    http://kobo.chtah.com/a/tBO4mU-B8bGD4B8e5K7AADcagLN/kobo13 Shop now

    COMMENTS: Look at non generic stores for eReader accessories. One can save quite a bit there. I got some nice covers for my eReader for $10 each approx. from thesource.ca Lastly, wait a little until your model becomes old and then look for accessories. Then sometimes these can be had at a lesser cost. Lastly, leather covers cost more, so try and avoid this if possible.

  5. The refurbished Kobo on sale at 50 bucks says out of stock now. Guess several rushed to buy it:

  6. I have owned 3 ereaders and love them! I gave 2 to my daughters and am planning on getting a Kobo Vox.Some of you guys sound like folks who decried computer useage…they wanted their typewriters back…lol

  7. Thanks to my rooted Nook Tablet, I have a Nook, a Kindle, and I can actually use that Kobo account I got (but never used) from Borders!
    And I now have no excuse not to finally get around to reading at least the first book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.
    If I hate it? It was 83 cents.