Amazon Appstore Launches in Europe – Kindle Fire Next?

Amazon Appstore

Since it first launched about a year and a half ago, the Amazon Appstore has been restricted to customers in the United States only. But not anymore.

Earlier in the week Amazon announced the expansion of their Android appstore to include several European countries—the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Amazon says customers can download the Amazon Appstore to their Android phones and tablets by visiting Or you can do what I do and just download the app file directly using your Android device’s web browser and hitting this App Email Link.

The Amazon Appstore is a good alternative appstore for tablets and phones that don’t have access to Google Play for Android apps. The Amazon Appstore is also a good source of free apps because they give away a free paid app every single day. They have a few exclusive apps too.

Amazon’s free daily app is often a game with mediocre ratings, but every once in a while Amazon gives away something good—holidays especially.

The fact that Amazon has chosen to launch their Appstore in Europe a week before they are expected to unveil a new Kindle Fire or two can only mean one thing: the Kindle Fire is coming to Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s going to be mentioned during the big Kindle event on September 6th.

6 Responses to “Amazon Appstore Launches in Europe – Kindle Fire Next?”

  1. I posted this yesterday but I’ll post it again: they’re not selling any new Kindle Fires just used for $120 to 170….

    • Yeah, Amazon issued a press release about it a couple days ago, which is a really strange thing to do when you think about it, telling everyone, “Hey, the Kindle Fire has been really popular and now you can no longer buy one!”.

  2. Nathan, I hope you will keep us posted if Amazon selects something really cool for their free app of the day during this upcoming release and holiday season. I missed out on the Office Suite last year because I missed the post on your blog 🙁

    Recently they have been giving away junk apps with two star ratings. I want the good stuff.

    • One of the game apps they were trying to give away last month had reviews that claimed it was adware! They need better quality control.

      • I stopped paying attention to their free daily apps a long time ago because they are so rarely any good. In fact I’ve been meaning to post a rant about the Amazon app for a while. I’ve started uninstalling it from my tablets because I get sick of seeing the notifications every single day. I haven’t gotten an app from then in months and yet every single day it pesters me with “new apps available”. At least with Jelly Bean I can turn off notifications.

        • Haha! I agree. I was totally blown away by some of those free app reviews. Statements like: “this app installed a new toolbar on my browser” and “full page ads open up every time I turn on my tablet now” scared the crap out of me!