Kindle Oasis Likely the Name of New Top of the Line Kindle

Kindle Oasis

Whenever Amazon gets set to release new Kindle ereaders or Fire tablets, one of Amazon’s international websites often inadvertently reveals key details ahead of the official release.

This time around it’s Amazon’s Japan website that appears to be letting the cat out of the bag a bit earlier than expected.

Someone over at MobileRead noticed a reference to something called “Kindle Oasis” posted under the list for Amazon device accessories.

Clicking on the Kindle Oasis link reveals a page that is described as “Whiskey Accessories”.

According to previously leaked details, we already know that the new Kindle’s codename at Lab126 is Whiskey.

So that all adds up to the new Kindle most likely being called Kindle Oasis.

Given the name choice, that could possibly mean that it’s waterproof. That’s the most likely upgrade considering that Kobo and B&N both offer waterproof ereaders now with the Nook GlowLight Plus and Kobo Aura H2O.

Unfortunately the name is about the only thing that can be deduced from this leak. There’s still no hint at what size or type of screen to expect. So far the early details suggest a waterproof Kindle with a rechargeable cover and a thinner design. What other surprises does this new 8th gen Kindle have in store?

6 Responses to “Kindle Oasis Likely the Name of New Top of the Line Kindle”

  1. So, physical page-turn buttons, and water-resistance. If they can bump up the speed, using one of the newer processors that are supposed to be coming out later in this year (seems a few months early to be doing so, possibly a refresh next year) or increase memory/storage, those would be pretty logical upgrades. E-ink holdings is slated to attend the upcoming display conference this May, whether they announce new display tech that is relateable to e-readers is to be seen. They’ve already announced a few products earlier this year in other fields. We’ll see. I somehow doubt it would make it in time for this releasse, but this might serve as an interem to keep interest up until next year, when there might be something to get more excited about. It will help them work the bugs out 😉

    The cover situation is an interesting note, though. Powered covers mean powered connections between the Kindle and the case. From how it’s worded, the case is charged through the Kindle, implying that there probably is a system that it can regulate and monitor the amout of charge between the internal battery and external battery. This would imply that there would need be be some minimal data hand-shake between them, at least and that power is two-way, the battery both supplying power to the Kindle as well as receiving power from. So, maybe standard USB protocal?

    Attacheable accesories need not be limited to batteries. Plus you have Blu-tooth thrown in there to synch with whatever data you might get through that port. 😉

    Now, these might not come into play in Amazon’s ecosystem, but a Jailbreak here and there or an OEM knock-off or two there and some interesting possibilities of implementing some special-case scenarios that might benefit from the lower power use, yet usability that e-ink might offer. Maybe something like a weather monitoring system.

  2. I’m ready to be underwhelmed. Prove me wrong Jeff Bezos!

  3. Most likely waterproof and 2 years late to the party. Thinner, faster, lighter, waterproof with a solar charging case (Yawn). I’ll forgive them if it’s at least 7″, otherwise I see this as a flop, especially at $199.

  4. Hearing rumors of an April 13th announcement?

  5. I really don’t care what “extras” this ereader has….if the screen isn’t perfect, it will be a disappointment…to me anyway. To me, the reading experience is paramount. Any add-ons should compliment a nice evenly lit screen, not off-set a bad one.