Kobo Aura One SleepCover a Stand Too; Kobo eReaders on Sale

Kobo Aura One Stand

The Kobo Aura One has a number of unique features, including a 7.8-inch high-res E Ink screen, a waterproof design, and an auto-adjusting frontlight with different color temperatures to filter out blue light.

Another unique feature for the Kobo Aura One comes in the form of its official Kobo SleepCover.

The cover allows for hands-free reading by folding out the front flap into a stand.

Considering the larger size of the Kobo Aura One, having a way to use it hands-free is definitely a plus.

Covers that double as stands aren’t a new concept by any means, but this is the first official Kobo cover that I can remember having a flap that folds out into a kickstand of sorts.

The cover comes with a premium price, however, and there only appears to be the one color, at least for now.

In the US the Kobo Aura One SleepCover sells for $49 and in Canada it’s $59. In the UK it’s £39.

The cover also has the usual automatic sleep and wake feature to turn on and off the ereader simply by opening and closing the cover.

I wonder how sturdy the stand is, though, because E Ink screens are very fragile. The pictures don’t do a great job of selling it. A regular ereader or tablet strand might be a better option.

obo Aura One Stand Back

Kobo Sales

In other Kobo-related news, the Kobo Glo HD and Kobo Aura H2O are both on sale at Chapters.Indigo.

Both are $20 off the regular price. The prices are in Canadian dollars so the prices are higher than the US prices but after currency conversion it usually works out cheaper that way, even with having to pay for shipping.

10 Responses to “Kobo Aura One SleepCover a Stand Too; Kobo eReaders on Sale”

  1. Would it be worth it to me to buy this ereader when, up until now, I have purchased everything on Amazon? Also, I have been listening to the Audible audio version while reading along on the Paperwhite 1. I’d loose the auto synchronization.

    I would have my eLibrary split up then, right? “Is my book on the kobo or the kindle… Oh, man the book I need to read is on the other device and I didn’t bring both ereaders with me.”

    What I really, really want is a 7.8″ Oasis. Any chance Amazon is making that?

    • I don’t know. Even if Amazon did make an 8-inch Oasis it would be like $600. (Probably not far off for the 3G version without ads) lol. So not many people would be interested in that. They’ve basically priced Kindles into a corner at this point. They can’t release a larger Kindle for less than the Oasis now so it would have to be super expensive.

  2. A book style cover with a stand that opens from left to right as opposed from bottom to top like the Voyage. Kobo seems to be doing everything right with this one while Amazon seems to have hired bozos from Barnes & Noble.
    And you’re right Amazon seems to have shot themselves in the foot even if they do release a larger Ereader it probably won’t be less than $500 which most people will not purchase. This Kobo release just exposes the fraud that Amazon predatory pricing the Oasis.

  3. Amazon could simple bring Oasis price down.
    I found in the tech world never buy from the big players they always reel you in.
    Will buy kobo one asap. you can side load books, Use “Pocket” and borrow books what more do you want.

    • Amazon will never bring the Oasis price down not even for sale. If for a miraculous reason they did could you imagine all the people complaining about wanting a partial refund back.
      Instead I believe what they will do is make a brand-new 6 inch Kindle, call it “Jacuzzi” yet still not make it waterproof, make it even thinner, add a special cow-hide leather battery cover, add 14 led’s instead of 10, change the position of the page-turn buttons, add another font that nobody wants, call it a revolution and sell it for $389. That way it lowers the price of the Oasis “Making it a great deal”

  4. as I do, if I were to Keeping alive the physical data I have on the personal computer?
    What shortcut would you recommend?
    I decided to choose the Kobo Aura!

  5. They *could* make a larger e-ink Kindle and sell for less than the Oasis if it was a touch screen only and/or no front light.

    • I actually would love a larger basic Kindle with no front light as long as it isnt the same dismal 167ppi. 300ppi basic no front light and $129 sounds good. But who am I kidding..

  6. I would also love to see a 300ppi 8 inch Kindle – it would not have to be lit – just bigger and clearer.