Kindle Oasis 2 Cover Review – Fabric Standing Cover

Kindle Oasis Fabric Covers

In the video review for the new Kindle Oasis 2 I briefly showed the official cover that Amazon sells for it, but I decided to put together a separate video for a closer look at how Amazon’s standing covers work.

There are two different types of covers. The leather covers are similar to the ones that came with the original Kindle Oasis. They’re available in three colors, black, merlot, and tan, and they sell for a whopping $60.

They also sell water-safe fabric covers for $45 that come in black, blue, and white.

So far the reviews at Amazon for both covers are scathing.

Both have an average of just over 2 stars. I think that’s a bit extreme, but the covers do have some shortcomings.

I opted for the black fabric cover. I like the look and the feel of it, but the attaching magnets could stand to be stronger. It seems like it comes off easier than the cover on the 1st gen Kindle Oasis. You kind of have to get used to picking it up and attaching it a certain way, and then it tends to stay on better.

My biggest gripe with the cover is the fact that it’s so overpriced. It probably cost them about $5 to make. It has no battery in it like the charging cover for the original Oasis, and it’s just a thin flap that doesn’t even cover the full back or sides.

On the plus side the cover doubles as a stand. The front flap has a diagonal crease down the center so that you can fold back the lower portion of the cover to prop up the Kindle Oasis. It actually works quite well and is sturdier than expected, except it’s fairly easy to knock over from the back if something bumps it.

The front flap has a magnet that keeps the front closed and then it also attaches to the back when you flip it around. It feels more like a traditional ereader with the flat back that way, and it keeps your hand off the cold aluminum back of the Oasis.

But to me the Kindle Oasis feels better to hold without the cover on while reading. The cover adds an extra 110 grams or so. That’s not a lot but it’s enough to take the Kindle Oasis from 194 grams on its own to over 300 grams with it on.

The thing is you pretty much have to use a cover of some kind if you want to put your Kindle in a bag or purse to take it with you places. Hopefully since there’s no battery in these covers some less expensive third-party covers will start coming out soon. Or you could always try to find an alternate type of case, like the USB DVD cases some folks were using with the last Kindle Oasis.

Kindle Oasis 2 Cover Review

5 Responses to “Kindle Oasis 2 Cover Review – Fabric Standing Cover”

  1. I have the indigo fabric cover for mine, and while I agree the magnets could probably stand to be a bit stronger, the cover works just fine for my usage scenario.

    Just like with the original Oasis, I only use the cover as screen protection and to help keep the reader safe when not in use. I always take the device out of the case when reading. For this usage case, I think the new cover works perfectly fine.

    I did experiment with it when I first got the new Oasis, and I can see how if you prefer to keep the reader and case together it might be a little worrying; I’m hoping once the cases break in they won’t be as stiff and will be a little more flexible when moving around. But overall I’m still happy with the purchase, and would recommend them to anyone who is planning to use it like I do.

    I do agree it is overpriced though (like many first party accessories from other manufacturers – Apple, anyone?). But I’ll also say it’s the nicest case, imo, of any of the Amazon cases I’ve used (Paperwhite 3, original Oasis, and now the gen 2 Oasis).

  2. Maybe as the knapp of the lining compresses the magnets get nearer to each other and improve the hold strength?

    I have purchased every Kindle model and case since 2010 but will pass on this one as I have reached my limit on meeting Amazon’s pricing.

    I reckon that the Voyage is the best Kindle I have.

    I also love my Kobo Aura One – so the Oasis 2 holds little attraction.

  3. I don’t plan on taking this near water so I figured the leather cover was a slightly better value at only a small difference in price.

    These are *definitely* overpriced, but not nearly as much as the Koboa Aura One’s. Cheap plastic with a floppy origami design (I *really* hate that), it was not only horrible it was priced about the same as the cloth Oasis 2 cover. In fact, I finally bought a 3rd party case for the KA1 for less than $10 that is infinitely better.

    The problem for early adopters is that 3rd party cases aren’t available until later and you pretty much have to have a cover right away.

  4. I have the leather version. It might be good for travel, but not for everyday use.

    Can’t wait for the first silicone cases to
    show up. Good protection and better grip and feel.

  5. I have the official Kobo Aura ONE case and feel it was worth every single penny it feels so good in the hand! As for the ‘floppy’ origami stand bit, I’d PREFER no crease in the cover at all, but if you don’t use it as a stand and bend it there, it’s really not floppy. I’ve never bent mine! Naturally, I’d prefer the cost to have been cheaper, but I would purchase again. The official case also feels like it is protective, and that’s a plus.

    I would like to try the Kindle Oasis 2017, but the cover is definitely not selling itself to me….

    I don’t drop my readers often, but on the rare occasion I have done so, I’ve not had damage thanks to reasonably protective cases. Having an expensive reader like the Oasis in a case that is marginally protective and may simply come off when dropped doesn’t appeal, I can totally understand all the negative reviews!

    Hopefully there will be something in the way of decent third party covers coming. I have an Omoton cover for my Kindle Voyage and have been very pleased with it. Good hand feel, no stupid stand cover.