Kindle Oasis 2 Covers and Cases List (9th gen 2017 Model)

Moko Kindle Oasis 2 Cover

Amazon’s official covers for the Kindle Oasis 2 are currently listed as unavailable for new ones, possibly because of all the negative reviews, only a few used ones are being sold now.

Luckily several alternative cases and covers from third-party companies are available for the Kindle Oasis 2.

Some, like the MoKo cases, have a high percentage of 5 star reviews and seem to be a lot more popular than Amazon’s covers.

Plus 3rd party covers are much cheaper, some are less than $8 with free shipping.

I actually like Amazon’s fabric cover for the Kindle Oasis 2, despite the rash of negative reviews, but it doesn’t fully cover the back and sides like the other covers. The MoKo cover looks nice how it covers the entire back and adds some grip (pictured above).

When shopping for covers for the new Kindle Oasis make sure the cover is designed to fit the 2017 9th gen model. The first gen model was smaller so its covers aren’t interchangeable with the new one.

Here’s a short list of some of the more popular covers and cases for the Kindle Oasis 2. You can find full lists at Amazon and eBay. Lots of them seem the same but have different names.

Kindle Oasis 2 Covers List

MoKo Shell Cover with Auto Wake – This is one of the most popular options and it comes in several different designs and colors and costs less than $20.

Fintie Slim Shell Protective Cover with Auto Wake – Another popular option, Fintie cases cover the sides and back and have auto wake/sleep. They come in a bunch of different colors and designs and most cost under $15 shipped.

Konglin Leather Covers with Auto Wake – Another full-body style cover that comes in ten different colors.

ACdream Protective Leather Sleeve – This is a sleeve case that comes in six different styles, only costs $12 shipped.

Ratesell Smart-shell Stand Case Cover – Another inexpensive full-body cover similar to the Fintie covers, lots of colors and styles.

Fintie Multi Angle Hands-free Viewing Flip Cover – Another Fintie cover. This one doubles as a stand and covers the front of the Kindle Oasis as well.

Ultra Thin Lightweight Smart Case Cover – A no-name cover that appears the same as the Fintie covers but costs less than $10.

Folio Case for Kindle Oasis – Another generic cover on eBay for cheap.

Walnew Kindle Sleeve for 2017 Oasis – Another sleeve style cover designed for the 9th gen Kindle Oasis.

9 Responses to “Kindle Oasis 2 Covers and Cases List (9th gen 2017 Model)”

  1. These are all practically the same style cover from the same manufacturer but with different branding. The first top three are virtually identical. I would say the Fintie slim shell has the benefit of having a darker fabric on the inside so it doesn’t get as dirty as quick as the Moko for example. Last week the Moko was a $15.99 and this week the price dropped to be competitive with the Fintie which I believe has the upper hand. I Believe the inside fabric should always be dark. Great selection, thanks.

  2. The advantage that the Amazon cover offers is the magnetic method of holding it in place; making removal easy.

    The others seem to rely on friction and you have to bend/twist the cover to remove the device. That’s a problem that would probably keep me from removing it and a naked device is one of the reasons to use an Oasis in the first place.

    That plus the whole “PU leather” thing. The Amazon leather (or cloth) designs don’t pretend to be something that they aren’t.

    I’ll stick with the real leather case and the accident protection plan, thanks.

  3. Given that people are willing to shell out for the Oasis you’d think there would be a market for a genuine natural leather case in similar style to the Moko but at a higher price. Anyone know of any?

    • I almost never see high-quality 3rd party covers. You might look into brands like Noreve and Oberon but they’re very expensive. I have a Noreve cover that’s really nice and still looks like new after several years.

      • Thanks Nathan. I like the Noreve covers and yes they are expensive. I’d like to get one but reviews about the company don’t seem very positive.. delays, poor service etc.

  4. is there any news of amazon making “something” to use with the oasis again? i personally want an original leather cover, even if the magnet isn’t the strongest. i want the slim, easy to remove cover just to protect tge screen in my bag. I don’t want a shell cover at all…

    • I too like the Amazon magnetic covers. I almost never read with the Kindle in the case, and only want it to protect it when I leave it laying around or in my bag.

  5. Update:
    Casebot (Fintie) has released a natural leather clam-style case. I have purchased it and it is pretty good.. not perfect. I have reviewed it under name JH on


    Would still prefer if Amazon itself would offer a premium cover.

  6. Can anyone recommend a sleeve? I have an original fabric Oasis indigo cover but it doesn’t cover the back. I do want to use it with this cover but would prefer to have a sleeve to put it in when putting the device in a bag. Any recommendations?