Next New Kindle Should Be More Like Nook Glowlight 3


Here’s a crazy idea. What if Amazon basically took the Nook Glowlight 3 and used it as inspiration for the next new Kindle?

The Nook doesn’t get much attention anymore, but the Nook Glowlight 3 actually has some nice things going for it. If the Kindle name was on the front instead of Nook, I think it would be a lot more popular.

Granted the overall design of the Nook is on the bulky side, but it could be streamlined some more.

What makes the Nook Glowlight 3 better than the current Kindle Paperwhite is the extra hardware features.

First off, the Nook adds physical page-turn buttons on each side of the screen. Personally I much prefer ereaders with page buttons. It’s just more comfortable for me to keep my thumb resting on a button rather than moving it to swipe the screen every 30 seconds or so.

Secondly, the Nook’s frontlight color can be adjusted. It has the option to use a cool blue frontlight or a warm yellowish orange frontlight. The color can also be adjusted to mix between the two if you just want to soften the blue color a bit at night to add a touch of yellow.

Another slight advantage for the Nook is the fact that the screen looks a bit clearer and sharper than the screen on the Kindle Paperwhite. This is because the Nook uses an infrared touchscreen instead of capacitive. The latter slightly degrades the clarity of E Ink screens, as does any extra layer over the screen (including frontlights).

Lastly, the Nook Glowlight 3 has twice as much storage space as the current lineup of Kindles except the new Oasis now that the sideloading restriction has been removed.

Kindle software has a lot more going for it, but if I could run Kindle software on the Nook Glowlight 3 I would rather use it over the ever-popular Paperwhite.

Here’s my Nook Glowlight vs Kindle Paperwhite comparison review from last fall for a closer look at the two in action.

If Amazon released a new Kindle with same features as the Glowlight 3, I’d actually be pretty happy with it.

11 Responses to “Next New Kindle Should Be More Like Nook Glowlight 3”

  1. Sportbike Mike Reply May 4, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    I always thought the twilight 3 compares best with the Voyage, making it a bargain. I’d wholeheartedly support this move.

  2. The Screen on the Nook is much better than my Paperwhite 3. I would say that Amazon adopts the Infrared screen and ditch the Capacitive because it really is that big of a deal to me. The background is whiter, the text is inly black with better overall contrast.
    I do not like how Amazon implemented the font weight adjustments with their latest software, I think they did a terrible job because it’s too dark with a single incremental move, not to mention it increases the size and line spacing and is slightly blurrier. Aside from that yes I agree they need to adopt the comfort light because it really makes a big deal on the eyes when reading in my opinion.
    It would also be nice to make it 7 inches, I totally disliked the new Larger Oasis I thought it was a bad device with the design, the screen and lighting issues, the sharpness along the edges, the bad covers, the uneven weight distribution, the slickness, the coldness, the clicky buttons, I could go on and on.

    • I totally agree. I bought a new Oasis a couple of months ago but after several times trying to read on it, I gave it up. Too bad, I pad 230 euros fort it. Now I keep using my Voyage and I hope Kindle will release a bigger Voyage with adjustable color light. And if it would have an infrared screen, I would really be happy. Because as you wrote a time ago: the screen of the old Kobo H2O (the first model) is the best screen ever on an ereader. I really wonder why infrared screens aren’t used more frequently on ereaders

  3. Nathan, how many e-readers do you own and use? What do you do with them after you’ve reviewed them?

    • I usually have like half a dozen in various sizes laying around that I switch between, but I don’t like keeping stuff I don’t use, especially considering the battery wears out, so I usually sell them on eBay as I get newer models. Then later I regret it when I want to use them again. I wish I would’ve kept one of the smaller 4 or 5-inch models I used to have. They were great for portability and I wrongly assumed more small models would get released eventually but that never happened.

  4. What I’d love to see in a new Kindle would be color changing light for night reading. And flush glass like the Voyage.

    Don’t care about buttons, don’t use them, don’t want them, clicking a button over and over creates pain for me. And gunk accumulates around them, making it harder to keep a reader nice and clean.

    I wish they’d made the Oasis 2 without buttons, more like the Voyage form factor but with color changing light.

  5. I always liked the form factor of the NOOK Simple Touch over the Kindles… plus you could replace the battery!

  6. I looked at the Glowlight 3, but did not purchase. I wanted the choice of a bolder font- or fonts- than what the Glowlight 3 provided. Amazon now provides that choice of bolder fonts- which shows that at least sometimes Amazon listens to its customers.

    However, the Glowlight 3 fonts were an improvement over the Glowlight Plus, which had thinner fonts than the Nook Simple Touch.

  7. Used to love nook but side loading library books was a pain. I love my paperwhite because WiFi gives me library books seamlessly. Don’t care about colored lights. Wish they could get an even lighted screen with page turners on the new paperwhite,

  8. I am a tad surprised that Amazon has not adapted the orange hue yet. Its one think I like about my Nook. Yes the Nook can be slimmer but feels fantastic in your hands