Kobo Adds Overdrive Integration to More Kobo eReaders with Update 4.10


This should make some folks happy. Kobo is rolling out a new software update, version 4.10, that adds Overdrive integration to more Kobo devices.

This allows owners of Kobo ereaders to download free ebooks from public libraries directly to the device itself.

Previously users were required to use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer library ebooks using a computer and USB cable.

But now things are going to get a whole lot easier for library users.

Once you add your library account to your device you can search for, place holds, and download library books from inside the built-in Kobo store from the Overdrive section.

The titles available depends on your library’s ebook selection. You can only use one library at a time, but it is possible to borrow from multiple libraries when signing in with an Overdrive account instead of a library account.

Up until now the Kobo Aura One was the only device that supported downloading library ebooks directly.

Now direct library downloads are also available on the Kobo Clara HD, the Kobo H2O Edition 2, and the Kobo Aura Edition 2. So that includes all the current models but not the older ones.

Unfortunately the Overdrive feature isn’t available in all markets, but it is available in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Overdrive support will get added with the latest 4.10 software update. Your Kobo will automatically download and install the update eventually, or you can download it now from the Kobo Firmware Downloads page and install it manually.

15 Responses to “Kobo Adds Overdrive Integration to More Kobo eReaders with Update 4.10”

  1. Too little, too late. I already replaced my Kobo Glo HD with a Kindle Paperwhite (missed the boat on the Voyage). Glad to see them going in the right direction, though.

  2. Too bad my Kobo mini didn’t make the cut. Am I the only one who still has one of these?

  3. Oh I certainly am happy about that! Looking forward to the update. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. I wonder if Overdrive capability will be eventually extended to older Kobo hardware, i.e., Aura HD?

    • I doubt it since it’s a good way to get people to upgrade to a newer model. And newer models really should offer something the older models don’t have, when you think about it. Otherwise what’s the point?

      • Releasing new hardware should be to improve the hardware. Think of software updates as after sales service. But hardware manufacturers has collectively agreed with planned obsolescence and software upgrades for newer models to drive sales.

        • Yes, but there’s also the developer’s cost of maintaining backward compatabilty for older devices and device storage limits. With each version, the software has to support evolving hardware and service capabilities. Eventually, the user base for those older devices becomes so small that continuing to support them is not cost effective. Further, each new update means more code that has to fit within a fixed amount of storage (RAM). If you need to make room to support the latest devices, along with as many previous devices as possible, something has to go. Bye-bye, legacy device.

  5. My local library in the UK has recently switched to something called BorrowBox, which requires an iOS/Android app or I think you can still use Adobe Digital Editions for reading on PCs or my Kobo Glo. So I can’t use this update to justify a new reader 😉

    Digital Editions is prehistoric, and might not work much longer on Macs with Apple phasing out 32-bit support.

  6. Meh, I’m locked into the Amazon system now. Our library doesn’t use Overdrive, apparently too expensive? We have Hoopla and Alexa can now read Hoopla audiobooks, good enough for me.

  7. Wish they’d update the glo HD. I love that reader and have no other reason to upgrade.

  8. Seems UK going over to BorrowBox? Anyone know why. As the saying goes “If it not brocken don’t fix it”
    So we had integration with library and ereader now its taken away. Just like real library’s are shutting down due to cost cutting.

  9. When you say not available in all market does it mean if I buy a Kobo reader from the USA it still won’t work once it get shipped out of the USA for example

  10. I just ordered a Kobo Clara HD, then read that it didn’t have overdrive!…. but now have read that the new ones do, I’m elated….so much easier downloading to the ereader without having to use a computer….

  11. Has anyone tried traveling to one of the non-supported countries and using their Kubo? Can you still access Overdrive while abroad? Would like to bring it on a trip to Europe and still get library books while away.