Amazon Has New Leather and Fabric Covers for Kindle Oasis 2

Kindle Oasis Amazon Covers

With the release of the new Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon has also started taking pre-orders for new Kindle Oasis 2 covers that are getting released on November 14th.

It took them a full year but Amazon has finally come out with some new official Kindle Oasis covers. They’re a lot different than the original covers that were released last year when the Kindle Oasis was first released.

They have a water-safe fabric cover for $39 with color choices of black, blue, and red.

And they have a leather cover for $49 available in black and merlot.

The new covers are more like the CaseBot cases where they wrap around the sides and back to offer more protection.

The original Kindle Oasis cover was just basically a flap with a magnet on it that only covered the front and part of the back.

It’s funny because so many people complained about how weak the magnet was and how the cover didn’t offer any protection that Amazon stopped selling the covers shortly after they were released. The fabric covers had a 2.2 star rating and the leather covers had a 2.5 star rating so apparently that was bad enough for Amazon to stop making them entirely.

Ever since then Amazon has been recommending CaseBot cases in the add-on section of the Kindle Oasis product page, but now they’re finally advertising their own covers. It’s about time!

13 Responses to “Amazon Has New Leather and Fabric Covers for Kindle Oasis 2”

  1. It was a pity the original covers were so lacking in … coverage because the distressed leather actually looked the part.

    Were it not for the fact that Amazon will plug their own cases up front the Casebot cases would trounce them – based on the photos they are very similar and will probably be £20 cheaper.

  2. I like the covers but the white Amazon logo ruined it! They did the same thing with the new Paperwhite. It looks tacky. At least the fabric cover is more discreet with the black logo. What is up with Amazon..

  3. How about some credit for the subpar covers Jeff?????

  4. The Ayotu Skin Touch Feeling Case is the best case for the Oasis. Anyone who has one knows I’m right.

  5. I have one of the original Amazon fabric covers that were released when the Oasis 2 was introduced. I love it, and have personally never had a problem with the strength of the magnets. Works perfectly.

    These new covers look okay, but it seems like they may have lost the ability to quickly slip the cover off when you want to read. That’s what makes the original overs so great, in my opinion – it protects the screen when you’re not using the Oasis, and it is a snap to take it off for when you want to read. It was a design they started with the first generation Oasis, and I really fell in love with the way I worked. Shame they seem to have abandoned that functionality for these new covers.

    • I actually like the original fabric cover too and don’t have any problems with it. It was surprising how quickly they gave up on them after a few hundred negative reviews.

  6. I agree that the white logo on the front looks bad. Maybe a debossed “no color” logo would be okay… although even then I’d prefer it to be a Kindle logo, not an Amazon logo. 🙁