Kindle Software Update 5.12.1 Released

New Kindle

Amazon has started rolling out what appears to be a minor software update for Kindle ebook readers.

The update covers all new Kindles and older Kindles dating back to the 2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon often releases updated software with new features when they release a new model, and the new Kindle Oasis is getting released in 2 weeks, but so far this update doesn’t seem to add anything yet.

The new firmware version is 5.12.1.

Aside from the usual “performance improvements, bug fixes, and other general enhancements,” there’s only one noted change with the new update.

The description says: “In the coming weeks, you will be able to read items that you own with a single click from the ‘Before You Go’ dialog.”

That seems hardly worth mentioning, but you can download and install the 5.12.1 update from Amazon’s Kindle Software updates section if you want it now, or you can just wait for the update to automatically download and install when charging your Kindle.

5.12.1 changelog:

Here’s what’s new:

  • Read Now: In the coming weeks, you will be able to read items that you own with a single click from the ‘Before You Go’ dialog.
  • Performance improvements, bug fixes, and other general enhancements.

20 Responses to “Kindle Software Update 5.12.1 Released”

  1. I swear every single time you post one of these Kindle software updates notices, I get excited thinking they’re finally going to fix the font sizes and margins. What do you think, maybe this year?

  2. What’s wrong with the font sizes and margins?

    • Everything is wrong with them. There’s only three margin settings and two of them are practically worthless. Too much wasted space. Line spacing is also an issue with only three options. Font sizes go to extremes with only one size increment. No fine-tuning. It’s hard to find the right font size, especially with sideloaded fonts. Kobo has way more options in this department.

      • Why bother with Kindle then?

        • That’s what I’ve been saying. Plus if you hate the layout so much you can use Calibre to customize layout exactly how you want.

          • Nathan, tell me how you customize the margins in caliber. Also how do you adjust appropriate font sizes with specific increments? Ive tried adjusting font sizes in Calibre with no luck. Ive combed through mobileread also. Is there a specific link? Thanks

          • Sorry but it’s been several years since I’ve used Calibre so I don’t remember the specifics but I had to use the custom CSS field to define font size, line spacing and other layout elements to override the existing layout when using older models that basically had no layout settings aside from adjustable font sizes.

        • Not to completely bash Kindle but they are sorely lacking in that department. Plus I’m just saying what I believe to be true. Steve knows what im talking about.

        • Jirams, you miss the point entirely.

      • Kobo does have more margin options; Rick, you’re right two of Amazon’s margins are useless. Also right on sizes.
        One thing- Amazon Kindle seems to have better imported font boldness control than Kobo. Kobo only has weight control on its pre-loaded fonts-not fonts you import from external sites.

        • Steve, you can adjust the weight control of sideloaded fonts on kobo with a patch. Also, Kobo implements the weight and boldness control way better. Once again they have more increments to get the boldness just right. With Amazon again its extreme just as with font sizes. Two clicks on the boldness setting and its already too thick/bold which affects the sharpness. Kobo againnis better in that department. So while people will say that Amazon has boldness implemented into their software, it only takes about two minutes to add the patch and it works flawlessly. Bookery even looks better on Kobo than it does on Kindle.

  3. So what *is* “Read Now” and what is “Before you go”?

    • It’s the annoying popup when you get to the end of the book that shows related titles and asks for a review. Assumingly the read now feature will let you jump to a related book from there to start reading, something 0.01% of the population will care about. 😀

      • Dear God, this is so useless I had completely erased it from memory and view.

        I guess the only instance, pretty much, I’d use it would be where I was finishing a book belonging in a series so that it would immediately open the next book (a-la Netflix).

        Really, really useless 😀

  4. I’d dearly love them to add a “pages left in chapter” stat, rather than just time left

  5. I’ve never seen that pop up but most books end with lots of ephemera pages at the back I don’t read. Which means I have to manually mark nook as read! Grr

  6. I’m so glad that Amazon found another way to insert advertisements. Now it is in the books themselves. I really can’t think of a single other device of any type with that much advertising baked in.

  7. Does anyone else think this update improved the performance of collections? It used to be that when I would select Add to Collection on a book and then swipe to get to the second page of the collections list it would take ages. That swipe is now as fast as paging through any other list. Once I’m done checking and unchecking boxes and hit Done, that seems to process faster as well.