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WHSmith Cuts eBook Prices in Response to Amazon UK

Last week when Amazon officially unveiled the new Kindle UK ebook store, I compared some of Amazon’s ebook prices with WHSmith and found that Amazon had much lower prices in most cases. Here’s the post with the information about Kindle UK and the price comparisons. So now WHSmith is countering by cutting their prices by […]

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Calibre eBook Management

Calibre eBook Management User Interface Tutorial

In a followup to an earlier post, getting started with Calibre ebook management, this post and video demonstrates some advanced tips and tricks for getting the most out of the Calibre user interface. Getting Familiarized With the Calibre UI There are 4 main parts to the Calibre user interface, the book list, tag list, book […]

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Barnes and Noble’s New Weekly Series of Free Classic eBooks

Barnes and Noble’s PR department is working hard this week. 3 press releases in 5 days. This time B&N has announced a new weekly promotion for free classic ebooks. Normally, Barnes and Noble’s classic ebooks cost $1.99. They are the same public domain titles that you can get elsewhere for free, but B&N, like most […]

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The Borders eBook Store is Now Open – Why?

News sources all over the web are asizzle with the monumental news story that the Borders ebook store, powered by Kobo, is now live and open for business. Additionally, Borders released Android and Blackberry apps to complement their apps for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, plus PC and Mac computers. Wait. Hold on one second. What? […]

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Getting Started with Calibre eBook Management

Calibre Overview If you haven’t yet started using Calibre (pronounced Caliber) for managing your ebook collection, now is a good time to learn how to get started. Calibre is undisputedly the best ebook managing tool on the planet. And the best part is, it’s free. Calibre can do everything from displaying ebooks in its ebook […]

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