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Noreve Cover Folded

Noreve Leather Cover Review for Kindle 4

The folks at Noreve sent over one of their Kindle 4 leather covers for review, and I have to say it is one of the nicest ereader covers I’ve seen. I’ve never used a Noreve cover before so had no idea what to expect. According to their about page, they are based out of France […]

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Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4

Kindle Touch vs Kindle 4 Comparison Review (Video)

The Kindle Touch and Kindle 4 are Amazon’s latest generation Kindle ebook readers. This comparison review aims to outline the similarities and differences between the two. Both devices are a lot alike and yet very different. Each one offers something the other does not, more so with the Kindle Touch. From an ereading perspective, they […]

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Kindle 4 ads

How to Get Rid of Kindle Ads and Special Offers Without Paying Extra

An anonymous tipster left a comment on this blog yesterday that describes how to completely get rid of the advertisements on the Kindle 4 (and other Kindles) without paying Amazon extra to upgrade. The comment was left on the Simple Trick to Get Kindle 4 to Not Display Screensaver Ads post. But I thought it […]

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Kindle Touch 3G

Amazon Kindle Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The holiday shopping season is already upon us. Below you find all the Kindle related Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals gathered into one place, along with other discounts. Actually these are all Black Friday Kindle deals and refurbished items at present because no Cyber Monday deals have surfaced yet. That’s not surprising because all […]

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Kindle 4 vs Kindle 3 Keyboard

Kindle 4 vs Kindle 3 Keyboard Comparison Review (Video)

This Kindle 4 vs Kindle 3 review is a comparison between the new $79 Kindle and the Kindle 3, now known as the Kindle Keyboard. This review does not compare the third 6-inch model, the Kindle Touch, because it has not been released just yet. I’ll post some comparisons with it in a couple of […]

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Kindle 4 No Ads

Simple Trick to Get Kindle 4 to Not Display Screensaver Ads

Yesterday while putting together the Kindle 4 shortcuts post, I was experimenting with different things and stumbled upon a way to get the Kindle 4 to display a blank screen instead of showing screensaver advertisements and special offers. It’s an odd thing for Amazon to overlook, but if you are so inclined you never have […]

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Kindle 4 Shortcuts

Below is a table that lists Kindle 4 shortcuts. Since the Kindle 4 lacks a physical keyboard, the same shortcuts don’t apply as with the Kindle 3. Amazon posted a table of Kindle 4 shortcuts over on the Kindle help page. Why they didn’t include it in the user guide is anyone’s guess. I modified […]

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Kindle 3

Uploading Non-Kindle eBooks and Personal Documents for Archiving, Syncing on Kindles

Did you know that Kindle owners can now add non-Amazon ebooks and personal documents to their Kindle libraries and have them synced over Whispernet and archived in Amazon’s cloud for free? That means you can download ebooks from free ebook websites and DRM-free websites that offer MOBI and PRC formats, and a few other additional […]

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