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Likebook Plus

Boyue Likebook Plus, Another 7.8-inch 300ppi eReader with Android

Another version of the new 7.8-inch 300ppi Boyue ereader recently turned up for sale on AliExpress. The device is called the Boyue Likebook Plus and it’s selling for $199 USD. It’s very similar to the Icarus Illumina XL HD that just started shipping. Boyue makes ereaders for a variety of companies so they often turn […]

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Boyue T80

Boyue T80 eReader with 8-inch E Ink Screen and Android OS

A couple days ago I posted about the Boyue T62 Mega that recently turned up for pre-order on Banggood for $120. They also have another new listing for a second Boyue ereader that’s available to pre-order for $196, the Boyue T80. It’s not exactly new, however. Last year at this time it was selling under […]

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Boyue T62 Mega

Boyue T62 Mega eReader with 300 PPI Carta and Android for $120

Boyue Technology has released several Android-powered E Ink ebook readers over the past few years, sometimes under other company’s names, and now they’ve got another version of the T62 that’s just turned up on Banggood. The Boyue T62 Mega is available for pre-order for $120 USD with free shipping. It’s expected to get released a […]

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Boyue T103

Videos of New Boyue eReaders, Including 10.3-inch Boyue T103

A few companies had some new ereaders on display at the Frankfurt Book Fair this month. A German ebook website called Lesen.net posted some YouTube videos from the Frankfurt Book Fair showing some new ereaders that are expected to get released in the near future. Among the new devices are a couple of new ebook […]

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Boyue T63 JDRead

New Boyue T63 JDRead eReader has 300 ppi and Android 4.2

A new version of the Boyue T63 ebook reader has become available for pre-order from Banggood.com, a Chinese wholesale website that sells brands of ereaders that are hard to come by in the U.S. and other countries. This model is called the Boyue T63 JDRead. The pre-order price is currently listed at $145 USD, and […]

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Energy eReaders Screenlight HD

New Energy eReaders Released: Screenlight HD and Slim HD

Last week I posted about the Energy eReader Pro HD, a new thin flush-screen ereader with Android 4.2 and Google Play from Energy Sistem, an electronics company based in Spain. Energy Sistem has also released two other new ereaders to add to their lineup, the Screenlight HD and Slim HD. Both are more basic than […]

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Onyx inkBook

New inkBook eReader Released with Carta Screen and Android 4.2

Today Arta Tech announced the released of a new ebook reader available on Onyx-Boox.com called the inkBook. It’s available to order for 124 euros. The inkBook is a 6-inch ebook reader with an E Ink Carta display, a capacitive touchscreen with multitouch support, a frontlight, it has physical buttons on each side of the screen, […]

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