The eBook Reader Blog Week in Review – June 28th to July 4th

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This Week’s Top Posts

New Kindle DX with Better Contrast and Lower Price – Amazon continued to dominate the news this week by introducing the new graphite Kindle DX for $379 that will be released on Wednesday. What’s more, the new Kindle DX is the first ebook reader to use new higher-contrast screens just announced by E Ink (below). I’ll post some first impressions of the graphite Kindle DX and the new screen technology when it arrives on Friday.

E Ink Announces New Screen Technology: Pearl – The same day that Amazon announced the new Kindle DX, E Ink revealed the technology behind the DX’s new 50% improved contrast screen.

More Kindle News From This Past Week – In other Kindle news this week, Amazon released the new Kindle for Android app, are now offering a 70% royalty option for Kindle ebooks, added new Kindle Books with Audio and Video, and are working on an ebook previewer that works in web browsers.

Annual World eBook Fair: 3.5 Million Free eBooks – Today marks the beginning of the 5th annual World eBook Fair. Don’t forget to download all the free ebooks you can handle.

The Kobo Reader Gets a Firmware Update – Kobo will be rolling out the update for the new Kobo Reader this week, fixing some issues with EPUB font sizing and other bugs and improvements.

Augen “The Book” eBook Reader – This new device showed up for pre-order on JR this week and looks to have a lot going for it feature-wise, especially considering the low price of $129. But will “The Book” be able to live up to its own hype?

The New Toshiba eBook Store Powered by Blio – Toshiba looks to enter the ebook market with their soon-to-launch ebook store powered by Blio software. This will also the first appearance of the Blio platform.

The Apple iBookstore Comes to Canada – Residents of Canada can finally pay too much for ebooks that are locked into Apple’s iBookstore. Welcome. Now where’s your credit card?

Books-A-Million Giving Away Sony Readers Every Day in July – If you desperately want a new Sony PRS-505, this just might be your lucky day.

More eReader Price Drops

Sony Readers On Sale – New eReader on the Way? – Despite main-stream-media not noticing it, Sony has recently dropped all three of their ebook readers to new low prices. In fact, I’m not so sure Sony has even noticed their new low prices yet. I saw an ad for Sony Style in the Sunday paper, as well as Best Buy, and both advertised the PRS-600 at $199 when both websites currently show $169. Idiots.

PocketBook Lowers Prices of eReaders – PocketBook followed suit and dropped the prices of all three of their ebook readers this week to keep competitive with everyone else.

As always, check the free ebooks category for all the latest posts for free ebooks from around the web.

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