The eBook Reader Blog Week in Review – July 12th – July 18th

The eBook Reader Blog

This Week’s Top Posts

Augen The Book e-Reader Video Review, First Impressions – The new Augen ebook reader/multimedia gadget has arrived in an unlikely place and is selling for just $89. It doesn’t exactly do anything great, but it does do some things well enough to consider for the price.

Hands-on Kindle DX Video Review in Direct Sunlight – This video is a general review of the new Graphite Kindle DX outside on a bright sunny day. The review covers everything about ebooks, text-to-speech, newspapers, internet, and the menu interface.

How to Get Kindle, Nook, Sony e-Subscriptions for Free – This post is a must read for anyone buying or planning to buy a newspaper or magazine subscription for the Kindle, Sony, or Nook ebook readers (other ereaders to; those are just the ones that have dedicated stores selling e-periodicals).

How to Create eBooks from Articles Online – Ever want to be able to make ebooks from Wikipedia articles? This post will show you how have new Wikipedia ebooks made from any articles you choose in about 2 minutes.

Kindle Font Hacks and Screensaver Hacks – Hacks, hacks, and more hacks. That’s what can be found within.

Another eBook Reader Company Bites the Dust – A small ebook reader company based in the UK, Interead, has been put into liquidation. They made the Cool-er ereaders that were released just last year.

New eBook Readers Added This Week

Cruz Reader, Cruz StoryPad, and Cruz Tablet from Velocity Micro – The new devices from Velocity Cruz look to make an impact starting next month. The Cruz Reader is another multipurpose color ereader—the new fad, it seems.

New Pixelar MReader Available for Pre Order – The MReader is a UK ebook reader that is expected to be released toward the end of July. It is now up for pre-order for £189.

The Humane Reader – Read eBooks on TV – At $20 a unit this is anything but your traditional ebook reader. It is designed for those without internet connections to have access to information in the form of ebooks for viewing on a TV set.

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