The State of E Ink at SID Display Week 2018 (Video)


Charbax is back with another video interview showing E Ink’s current range of products at this year’s Display Week convention in Los Angeles.

Not much has changed since the last time we saw E Ink demo their electrophoretic displays at a trade show, but they cover a wide range of products in this video.

Flexible displays continue to progress with several 10.3-inch E Ink ereaders and notebooks hitting the market with devices like the Onyx Boox Note and Sony DPT-CP1.

They also have foldable screens for more of a tradition book-like concept.

Dual-screen E Ink devices like the Gvido specialize in displaying sheet music for musicians.

It’s interesting how E Ink has seemingly shelved the idea of producing color displays for ereaders. Even when specifically asked if their new 13.3-inch color displays could be used for ereaders, they say they’re focusing on the digital signage market for now.

The ACeP color displays look good from a distance, but up close for reading they’re probably not good enough to compete with LCD.

They also shows off some autonomous E Ink tiles that are solar-powered like the ones they installed at the San Diego airport last year.

There’s a Sony watch on display with E Ink on the bands as well as the screen.

They have some new organic TFT displays with more durable backplanes designed by Flexterra.

New battery-less shelf labels are shown, along with red and yellow E Ink shelf labels that stand out a lot more than regular shelf labels. More E Ink products are shown in the video below.

E Ink at SID Display Week 2018

5 Responses to “The State of E Ink at SID Display Week 2018 (Video)”

  1. Charbax is one of the best tech interviewers… he usually starts off with, “Who are you.”
    Lots of interesting gadgets there…

  2. Given their share of the e-ink market, you have to wonder why Amazon is lagging behind on ANY of this tech, huh?

    • I don’t think they are lagging. Okay, the ppi can be higher. Amazon doesn’t seem to be in the market to make the other gadgets though. The goal is to have a product that people continuously have to make more purchases. (Unlike the Fire phone that isn’t available anymore, I think.)

      I don’t need something more advanced. I just want to be able to read. (Sometimes I miss that I can’t check my email or search for something on the internet, but that’s good (for me) because then I’ll just keep reading.

    • Clearink is a startup, if they can prove their technology I am sure they will be acquired; possibly Amazon. Hopefully we can get workable products for a decent price.

  3. And who was it that said ACeP wouldn’t be out this year hmm?
    I told you so.