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Onyx Boox i86

Onyx Boox i86 ML vs PocketBook InkPad Comparison Video

I came across a video on YouTube that was uploaded yesterday comparing two 8-inch ebook readers, the Onyx Boox i86ML and PocketBook InkPad. The most interesting thing about the video isn’t the comparison itself, it’s the fact that the Onyx Boox i86 shown in the video, the i86 ML, has a frontlight, and the video […]

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Frozen Pocketbook Aqua

PocketBook Aqua Withstands Being Frozen in Block of Ice (Video)

The PocketBook Aqua ebook reader is known for being waterproof and dustproof, and now you can add freeze-proof to the list as well. The PocketBook Aqua was recently subjected to a freeze test by a Ukraine-based tech site, The device was submerged in a plastic container and placed in a freezer for 16 hours. […]

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RemoteInk Turns PocketBook eReaders Into Computer Monitors

I came across an interesting post at MobileRead yesterday about someone who developed a program called RemoteInk that allows you to use a Pocketbook Pro or Pocketbook Touch as a computer monitor. Right now the program only works with Linux and X-Windows systems (too bad or I’d give it a try). But there are a […]

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PocketBook CAD Reader Flex

PocketBook CAD Reader Flex has 13.3″ Flexible E Ink Screen

PocketBook has announced what is essentially an updated version of an unreleased device called the PocketBook CAD Reader. The new version is called the PocketBook CAD Reader Flex, and as the name suggests it has a flexible screen and housing. It was exactly one year ago today when PocketBook first announced plans to develop the […]

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PocetkBook InkPad

PocketBook InkPad 840 Finally Released, an 8-inch E Ink eReader

Earlier this year PocketBook announced a new lineup of ereaders, with the 8-inch PocketBook InkPad 840 among them. It was supposed to be released back in July, but there were some unexpected delays and it’s just now getting released. PocketBook has been making ebook readers for many years now, but they are pretty much never […]

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PocketBook CoverReader

PocketBook CoverReader First Look (Videos)

E Ink has been trying to crack the smartphone market for the past few years with their low-power outdoor readable epaper displays. Yesterday the Onyx Midia InkPhone went up for pre-order—it’s a new phone that uses an E Ink screen instead of LCD. Other products are using E Ink screens as secondary displays for smartphones. […]

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Pocketbook CAD Reader

PocketBook CAD Reader Getting 13.3″ Mobius Display Instead of Fina

Last December, PocketBook and E Ink announced plans to release a 13.3″ Android-powered E Ink ereader called the PocketBook CAD Reader, a device packaged with Autocad software designed for engineers, architects, and other professionals in the construction field. When the PocketBook CAD Reader was first announced, E Ink revealed that it would be using a […]

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PocketBook Aqua

Video Review of PocketBook Aqua (Ukrainian)

Last week PocketBook announced their first waterproof and dustproof ebook reader, the PocketBook Aqua. It’s going to be released in Russia in a few weeks for the equivalent of about $200. The first video review for the Aqua has already turned up on YouTube. The review is in Ukrainian but it gives a closer look […]

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