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Kindle Books

You Can Now Gift Kindle eBooks from the MYCD Page

I don’t use the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon very often, but I noticed a new note at the top of the screen the other day about gifting ebooks: Loved reading a book? Now share your happiness with your friends and loved ones by gifting it to them from Manage Your Content […]

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Amazon Charts: New Weekly Bestseller List for All Amazon Books

Amazon launched a new kind of bestseller list today called Amazon Charts that tracks the most popular books that people are reading and buying each week across a variety of metrics. The Amazon Charts list shows the top books read and sold each week ranking the top 20 in both fiction and nonfiction for each. […]

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Share Kindle eBooks Between Amazon Accounts with Family Library

Amazon added a feature called Family Library a couple years back that lets users share Kindle ebooks and other digital content between two linked Amazon accounts. Family Library is another one of those features that is easy to overlook if you haven’t used it before or don’t use it very often. The way it works […]

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eTextbook Rentals

Why Can’t eBooks Be Rented Like Textbooks and Movies?

Why is it that ebooks get treated differently than other forms of digital media? You can rent things like movies and e-textbooks online, and there are even services that offer audiobook rentals, so why isn’t there any option to rent ebooks instead of buying them? For ebooks that only cost a few bucks, renting doesn’t […]

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eBook Sales Figures

International Report of eBook Sales Reveals Surprising Numbers

The Author Earnings website recently posted a breakdown of total ebook sales by country for the top 5 English-language markets. That includes the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Unsurprisingly Amazon dominates most ebook markets. Overall Amazon accounts for over 80% of English-language ebook purchases. Apple ranks second with 10%, and Nook accounts for […]

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Kobo Plus

Kobo Launches Kobo Plus eBook Subscription Service

Yesterday Kobo announced the launch of a new ebook subscription service called Kobo Plus. Currently it’s only available in The Netherlands and Belgium, so it’s no competition for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, but it could be the start of something bigger. Kobo Plus is a collaborative service between Kobo, Dutch publishers, and online retailer Here’s […]

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Kindle Matchbook

Does Anyone Ever Use Kindle Matchbook?

Back in 2013 Amazon introduced Kindle Matchbook, a promotional deal where you can get discounted Kindle ebooks when purchasing certain printed books. Sometimes the Kindle edition is even free when purchasing the paper book version, but qualifying titles are usually priced at $2.99 or less. Kindle Matchbook rarely gets mentioned to the point that it’s […]

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Microsoft eBook Store

Microsoft Launching New eBook Store and Edge Gets ePub Support

Microsoft is getting back into the ebook market once again. They were once known for their LIT ebook format some years ago, and then they invested in Barnes and Noble’s Nook Media business in 2012 and lost a boatload of money. Now Microsoft is opening their very own ebook store for PC and Mobile on […]

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