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Kindle Create MS Word

How to Use Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word (Video)

Awhile back KDP released a new manuscript and publishing tool called Kindle Create to help authors and publishers turn manuscripts into properly-formatted Kindle ebooks and paperbacks to offer through Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle Create is a standalone program for PC and Mac, and there’s also a Kindle Create add-in for Microsoft Word (2010 and newer). […]

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Libby Overdrive

Have You Tried the New Libby App from OverDrive Yet?

Back in June OverDrive released a new app called Libby for borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from public libraries for free. It basically does the same thing as the regular OverDrive app, and you have access to the same libraries and content, so I didn’t quite understand its purpose at first, but Libby offers some features […]

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Google Search Library eBooks

Google Adds eBooks from Local Libraries to Search Results

There’s a story going around about how Google has started displaying ebooks from local libraries in Google search results. So far it’s kind of hit or miss which titles show the option. I had to run several searches of book titles before seeing the “Borrow eBook” section appear, and I was searching for ebooks that […]

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Kindle eBook Updates

Here’s How to Update Your Purchased Kindle eBooks to the Latest Version

The other day I was using the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon and I saw something that I hadn’t noticed before. On the list of your purchased ebooks they have a button that shows up in the far right column when there’s a newer version of an ebook available. Just click the […]

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Why Are Audiobooks and eBooks Treated Differently?

With Kobo launching their audiobook subscription plan last week, where customers can get one audiobook per month for $9.99, it has me thinking about how ebooks and audiobooks are treated differently. Why is it that big publishers are fine with audiobook subscription plans but they continue to resist ebook subscriptions for the same exact titles? […]

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Kindle Create

How to Use Kindle Create to Convert Word Documents to Kindle eBooks (Video)

Kindle Create is a new tool that was recently released for Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing platform, along with the Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word. Kindle Create is a free program designed to help transform a manuscript written in Microsoft Word or PDF format into a nicely-formatted Kindle ebook that’s ready to sell in the […]

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Should eBooks Cost Less Than Paper Books?

It’s quite common to hear people complaining about the price of ebooks, especially when it comes to popular best selling titles. It’s not unusual to find an ebook priced higher than its paper book counterpart. For example, the #3 most read book on Amazon Charts right now, The Late Show by Michael Connelly, is priced […]

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Kindle Books

You Can Now Gift Kindle eBooks from the MYCD Page

I don’t use the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon very often, but I noticed a new note at the top of the screen the other day about gifting ebooks: Loved reading a book? Now share your happiness with your friends and loved ones by gifting it to them from Manage Your Content […]

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