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Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition

Get a Refurbished Daily Edition (PRS-950) for $129 from Sony

I received a very interesting email last week and had to wait until now to post about it. Sony is selling refurbished PRS-950’s from for just $129 with coupon code OUTLETREADER110. The coupon code is valid from 6/22 – 6/25. The Daily Edition normally sells for $299 new and $239 refurbished, so this is […]

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Nook Color Refurb

Sales and Deals: Ebook Readers and Tablets

Here’s a list of ebook readers and tablets that are currently on sale or that have been recently discounted, along with some refurbished items. Additionally, Borders is running a 50% off sale on ereader cases. They don’t have a very wide selection but there are some good deals. They have quite a few Kobo covers. […]

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Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition

Refurbished Sony Reader Daily Edition Now Available for $239

Yesterday Sony added the Daily Edition and Pocket Edition ebook readers to their refurbished products section, the 6″ PRS-650 Touch Edition is missing, however, and once again is out of stock, as it always seems to be. The Daily Edition is selling for $239 refurbished, $60 less than the regular price (don’t pay attention to […]

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PRS-650 Red

What is Going on with Sony’s eReaders?

If you’ve tried to get your hands on a new Sony PRS-650 recently you probably know that they are very hard to find these days. Most retail stores don’t have them in stock, most online retailers that sell Sony Readers only sell the PRS-350 and sometimes the PRS-950, but the PRS-650 has been hard to […]

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PRS-950 Firmware

Sony PRS-950 Firmware Update

I received an email this morning from Sony about new firmware for the PRS-950 Daily Edition. The update will not be pushed over 3G so you either have to download it using the Daily Edition’s WiFi or download the firmware to your computer from the Sony support page to update manually. (more…)

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Save up to 45% off our Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday eReader Sales and Black Friday Deals

This post is updated daily to list all the ebook reader sales through the 2010 holiday season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and any other promotion retailers can think up between now and the end of December that involves ereaders. I’ve added this page toward the top of the main navigation list on […]

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Daily Edition

Daily Edition Replacement Program: Best Buy Sold Demo Units?

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about the Sony Daily Edition showing up at Best Buy well ahead of the released date? The website was showing it as backordered but if you clicked on the “check stores” link several stores across the country were showing it as in-stock—a lot of people went […]

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Sony Daily Edition PDF Review and Video (PRS-950)

There’s been a lot of people wanting to know how well the new Sony Daily Edition handles various types of PDF files. Well, here it is. I just finished up the PRS-950 PDF review, so take a look. I think you will be surprised by the results. There are 8 giant pictures, an 8 minute […]

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PRS-950 Daily Edition Review

PRS 950 Daily Edition Review with Video

This is a quick note to mention that the review and video review for the new Daily Edition is now finished and can be found on the dedicated Sony PRS-950 Review page. The review does not cover how the PRS-950 handles PDF files; I will be posting a separate PRS-950 PDF review and video within […]

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PRS 950

PRS-950 Now For Sale at Best Buy; PRS-950 First Impressions

While Best Buy still lists the Sony PRS-950 as backordered on their website, and Sony still shows the release date as November 14th, some Best Buy stores are now carrying the PRS-950. To see if the stores in your area have them, hit the link above and select the “check stores” link over at […]

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